SODOM: The Ultimate War

Even if you’re not intimately familiar with the band’s discography and history, at the very least, the name Sodom should be familiar to extreme music fans. The German legends are celebrating 40 years of existence, and even if their stay on planet metal has been more understated than many of their cohorts, their influence and importance cannot be overstated.


Wolves In The Throne Room, whose mesmerizing blend of Norse black metal and gripping atmospherics has cast them as vanguards of modern metal, has released Primordial Arcana, its seventh and most ambitious outing yet. We spoke with Aaron Weaver to discuss their experiences through the pandemic, the challenges they overcame on the new album, and the deep spiritual energies that flow throughout its music.

GOST: Industrial Rites

On his new album, Rites of Love and Reverence, Gost continues the path his band began to forge on 2019’s Valediction—much more in line with artists like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and Ministry. “I’ve been trying since the last record to incorporate more of my influences,” Gost says from his home in Texas.

SEPULTURA: Still Growing

The band’s latest release, SepulQuarta, is a 15 track album of classic reworked Sepultura songs recorded during the pandemic. Derrick Green talks about the band’s weekly quarantined video web series, the new album, why Sepultura fans are so opinionated, and future touring plans.

DEE SNIDER: Rocking Again

Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider’s solo band is back with a vengeance. On Snider’s new blistering solo album, Leave a Scar, the iconic singer has the fire burning inside of him once again. Snider talks about getting back to rocking, Leave a Scar, his relationship with producer Jamey Jasta, and more.

POWERWOLF: Remember the Camper

the Saarbrücken based quintet has been hammering mainland Europe over the head with a seemingly endless barrage of releases, their latest being 10th album Call of the Wild, which follows in the footsteps of last year’s “Best Of” album, Best of the Blessed. We caught up with guitarist Matthew Greywolf to discuss the unexpected fulfillment of rock star fantasies and staying ahead of the lockdown blues.

TIMES OF GRACE: Out of the Darkness

Times of Grace—the side-project between current Killswitch Engage members Adam Dutkiewicz (vocals/guitar/bass) and Jesse Leach (vocals)—has returned with its expansive second full-length album, Songs of Loss and Separation, 10 years after its debut. Jesse recently spoke with us about the writing process for the new album, the lyrical inspiration, and what the future holds for Times of Grace.

AUTUMN TEARS: An Endless Stream

Dark Symphonies and Autumn Tears are going strong, with the latter releasing The Glow of Desperation in 2021 like they didn’t miss a beat. Between this welcomed return and Dark Symphonies outstanding reissue game with their sub-label The Crypt, Tringo certainly has his hands full.

LIGHT THE TORCH: The Flame Still Burns

Light the Torch’s second full-length album, You Will Be the Death of Me, is a master class production of modern melodic metal. In our talk with Howard Jones, the singer explains how he went through dark times during the writing of the new album.

DIRTY HONEY: Making A Big Splash

L.A.’s Dirty Honey has hit the ground running since its 2017 formation. The quartet—featuring vocalist Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian, and drummer Corey Coverstone—has seen its stock rise exponentially within the hard rock scene.