EVILE: Hell Is Unleashed

On the band’s blistering fifth full-length, Hell Unleashed, Ol Drake takes over lead vocal duties, as well as handling all lead guitar parts. During our conversation, he talks about his return to the band, his brother’s exit, and the new album, and what the future holds for Evile.


Berried Alive is taking the world by storm riff by riff and receiving global recognition from some of the biggest names in rock and metal. We spoke with guitarist Charles Caswell to learn all we can about Berried Alive and his crazy style of playing.

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN: Kaleidoscopic Light

With the high-octane and infectious psychedelic/progressive hard rock of Monuments, The Vintage Caravan has shone a kaleidoscopic light on dark and cloudy times. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Óskar Logi Ágústsson for a primer on volcanic activity, Icelandic rock history, and how to never forget your roots.

EMPTY STREETS: Right Down the Center

Aaron Thompson’s electric melodies and moody vocals are sure to capture the attention of darkwave and brooding synthpop music fans with his endeavor Empty Streets. This dark act is on the cusp of a brand new EP titled Age of Regret, entering the public soundwaves in June of 2021 on Cleopatra Records.

THE CROWN: Appetites for Destruction

The Crown first returned to the international extreme metal scene back in 2010 after a six year hiatus and have released a relatively steady stream of solid albums since then. And their latest, Royal Destroyer, is something special. Guitarist Marko Tervonen discusses the new album and what keeps The Crown’s creative flame burning.

ENFORCED: Off the Grid

Richmond, Virginia’s crossover thrash newbies Enforced are in pretty good company. Home of GWAR, Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, and Lamb of God, the band has kept up the hometown tradition of creating pulverizing extreme metal. On Enforced’s second full-length album, Kill Grid, the band’s sound has steadily progressed compared to its early demos and its 2019 debut album At the Walls. On Kill Grid, the ferocious quintet is in full attack mode on its nine blistering tracks.

THERION: Leviathan Rises

Inspired by Swiss metal band Celtic Frost’s iconic 1985 album, To Mega Therion, Swedish symphonic metal forerunners Therion has successfully carved out its own niche within the metal world since its 1988 formation. On the band’s 17th full-length record, Leviathan (released through Nuclear Blast Records), all the Therion trademarks are represented.

DEAD POSEY: Don’t Stop Them Now

With the release of their latest EPs, Malfunction and Malfunction X Broken Down on Sumerian Records, and a new album on the horizon, Danyell and Tony discuss the band’s humble beginnings, hope for the year, and musical inspirations.


Polish classic heavy metal band Crystal Viper has released its eighth full-length album The Cult. Mrs. Gabriel spoke with us about the new record, Crystal Viper’s musical inspirations, the band’s future plans, and more.

KORPIKLAANI: More Than Majestic

As a means of promoting Jylhä during the era of no shows and tours, Korpiklaani has taken to the editing suite in order to lens videos for five of the album’s 13 tracks. We caught up with bassist Jarkko Aaltonen on a rare day off set and from in front of a camera to discuss how to consistently surprise oneself, the mystery of their new album’s title, and the curious world of Finnish pride.