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PAIN: Unknown Territories

Pain has unveiled the unquestionably brilliant I Am, the project’s follow-up to 2016’s Coming Home. Founded in 1996 by Sweden’s Peter Tägtgren, Pain has always defied genres, ingeniously mixing electronics, metal, and much more.

KORPIKLAANI: Equally Important

The Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani has returned with the sensational new offering Rankarumpu. The beloved Jonne Järvelä, who handles vocals and acoustic guitar, states, “This album came together quite easily. “

NE OBLIVISCARIS: Great Things Come to Those Who Wait

Australian progressive metal act Ne Obliviscaris has unleashed their latest album Exul, which took years to make thanks to the pandemic and was a long process but worth the wait. “It was incredibly difficult (laughs), yet incredibly rewarding with how the final product turned out.”

RYUJIN: Samurai Metal

Blending both Japanese and English lyricism and featuring production and several guest features by Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium), RYUJIN’s high speed riffs and breakneck guitar descents pair with traditional Japanese elements on their self-titled album.

BARONESS: Moving Outwards

Baroness’ growth has been astounding. Latest album Stone is rife with typical Baroness intricacy, care, depth, and songs melding the past and present. We caught up with John Baizley for an extensive chat about intensive creative processes, significant changes, and skipping out on the color spectrum.

TAKING BACK SUNDAY: Elevating Through Reinvention

Since the band’s inception in 1999, Taking Back Sunday has been a historic benchmark within the pop punk scene. Their unique blend of emo, post-hardcore, and pop sensibilities has inspired many bands, opening the gate for the genre to expand and grow into what it is today. “Something that is not lost on us is that we are living the dream come true,” says bassist Shaun Cooper.”

PRONG: The Breaking Point 

With State of Emergency, Prong continues to solidify its status as one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the music industry. While Victor is a seasoned pro within the rock industry, he says it’s a “higher power” that keeps the band’s music interesting.

SYLOSIS: Heaviness and Chaos

Metal maestro Josh Middleton is blazing back on the scene after leaving Architects, with his awe-inspiring band Sylosis and what many are calling the best metal album of 2023.

OF MICE & MEN: Making Sense of It All

Of Mice & Men, one of the most individual and prolific bands in metalcore, continues to expand artistically and stay honest in its songwriting. Although most bands would attribute this to the hard work over the years, Of Mice & Men claims it’s more about pursuing the excitement of the moment.

SKINDRED: Bringing Two Worlds Together

As one of metal’s most successful hybrid acts, Skindred came onto the scene in 1998, and their mixed arsenal of metal, punk rock, reggae, and hip-hop has been one of the trailblazing soundscapes that many other bands have emulated.