WAYNE HUSSEY: Solo Mission

As one of the great voices in rock, Wayne Hussey is an English musician with quite a résumé in the gothic world. From being a part of cult icons The Sisters of Mercy to fronting his own band The Mission, Hussey has one of the most interesting lives out there. So interesting, in fact, that he has recently begun chronicling his life in books, with the first titled Salad Daze having just been released.

DESTRUCTION: One Point Vanish

You can’t say “legendary thrash metal band” without mentioning Destruction. The band formed in 1982 by three young men—Schmier being one of them—in the small town of Weil am Rhein, Germany. They loved heavy metal music and preferred the fastest songs on the albums of that time. This helped develop the thrash metal genre into what it is today and is one of the many reasons why Destruction is included in the German Big Four—a lineup of the most iconic German thrash metal bands that took thrash to another level of brutal.

CRO-MAGS: A New Quarrel

Today, there are two iterations of the Cro-Mags touring out there on the road, but that’s definitely not the case if you speak to band founder, bassist, and songwriter Harley Flanagan. For him, there’s only one Cro-Mags, and it’s the band with him set firmly in the creative driver’s seat. This is the Cro-Mags that recently signed to Victory Records and has released a killer EP of new material titled Don’t Give In.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Lonely Road Warrior Fights Off Mutants

Originally formed as a side-project to guitarist Matt Fox’s main band, Shai Hulud, Zombie Apocalypse saw Fox joined by members of The Risk Taken, Shallow Water Grave, and try.fail.try in the combination of melodic hardcore punk and classic thrash metal. We caught up with the always astute, eloquent, and hilarious Fox to discuss coming back from the grave, releasing a record no one wants or cares about, and why zombies are lame.

CARNIFEX: Full Metal Jacket

This summer sees the release of World War X, the seventh and most ambitious outing yet from San Diego’s Carnifex. Delivering all of the neck snapping riffs and pulverizing tempos that have become the band’s calling card, World War X sees the death metal five piece conceiving a war themed modern metal epic that’s as emotional and evocative as it is brutal. We caught up with vocalist Scott Ian Lewis to get the story behind the new record.

MORTIIS: Behind the Mask of Mortiis

Mortiis has gone through various changes in musical direction throughout his career, starting in Emperor and then going on to have an incredible solo career first with dungeon synth (a genre he helped create) before moving to a more goth industrial sound for the past 15 years. Now, Mortiis is digging back into his Era 1 material, performing and reinventing classic songs from his second album, and even considering potential re-recordings in the future.

SABATON: The War to End All Wars

Get your battle gear on, we are going to war! Military-esque legends Sabaton have released their newest album, The Great War. Inspired by the events of one of the most monumental wars in history, this World War I record shows the metal scene just how incredible real life history can be. We had the opportunity to go deep with Sabaton bassist Pär Sundström on everything to do with the battle metal band’s ninth record.

PIG: I Want Candy

From the suave to the sultry, from the dark to the even creepier, PIG is back at it with a new twist on songs you may never expect to hear. With pop music always wrapped in a colorful, innocent little package, PIG’s Raymond Watts has unearthed the more sinister side within the lyrics.


Easily one of the most prolific and skilled guitarists of the past several decades, John 5’s proclivity for diverse and downright strange song crafting has never been more evident than what the 47-year-old Michigan native has given us on his ninth record, Invasion.

SUM 41: Everything Just Falls Out

It would be an impossible feat to discuss the entire history of legendary rock band Sum 41 in one sitting. Now, the group’s years of touring and 15 million records sold worldwide have culminated into some of their most raw and vulnerable material ever written on their new album Order in Decline.