XENTRIX: Embracing Better Versions

After six successful studio albums, Xentrix shows off all of their technical and lyrical prowess on their new release, Seven Words. While the band has been one of the leading figures in the thrash metal movement, guitarist Kristian Havard says it all comes down to the love of the music that keeps them fueled creatively with each release.

CELTIC FROST: Danse of the Dead

CELTIC FROST WAS A ONE OF A KIND BAND. The formative first wave black metal artists experimented, broke boundaries, and influenced generations of heavy groups in their wake. We checked in with Tom G. Warrior to discuss Danse Macabre.

BARK: Still Walking

It takes a group of seasoned musicians to bring about the tenacious yet aggressive sound that Bark brings with each release. With three albums under their belt, guitarist Martin Furia claims that their distinct sound is inspired by everyday life.

FIT FOR A KING: A New Kind of Depth

Since 2011, metalcore band Fit for a King has had a glorious run since they emerged out of Texas with their signature style of hardcore and metalcore colored in with hypnotic hooks. Their 2019 release Dark Skies not only brought out some of their heaviest material but also the most intense heading up towards their new release, The Hell We Create.

BLOODBATH: Massive Impact

When we catch up with Bloodbath’s gurgling and growling frontman Ol’ Nick [aka Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost fame], it should be a time for reminiscing about the band’s triumphant return to North America and the good time he and his bandmates had at the 2022 edition of Maryland Deathfest. Instead, we’re talking about his wonky back and zombies.

VARIALS: Expanding Horizons

Since making their debut with Pain Again in 2017, it’s been quite the ride for the hardcore outfit. For Mitchell Rodgers, there was a time when the vocalist had different visions of what the future of Varials looked like moving forward.


Electric Callboy’s new release Tekkno is the band’s most genuine and fun release to date. For keyboardist and singer Kevin Ratajczak, as he sits in his home in Germany after touring, it’s been a humbling time for the artist over the past few years. 

MUNICIPAL WASTE: Fire Rocket Fueled

When there’s nothing else to do, you write, write, and write some more with the result being Electrified Brain, the Waste’s rip roaring and highly nuanced seventh album. We sat down with guitarist Ryan Waste to discuss the result of the band’s pandemic activity, how things have changed for him at home and on the road, and what else he got up to after putting down the guitar and picking up a pen.

MISS MAY I: The Hardest Time

Miss May I quickly rose through the ranks, blowing away fans for over a decade with their fast, aggressive, thrashy metalcore mixed with powerful lyrics. Levi Benton discusses the band’s new album, Curse of Existence, the recording process, as well as being a new dad and how it has impacted his life.


Dark alternative band The Bellwether Syndicate is anything but conventional when it comes to rock music. Formed by William Faith and wife Sarah Rose Faith—with multi-genre experience in seminal goth acts and the EDM world as a well known DJ and club promoter—the band is one of the most unique dissonant sounds in the scene.