LEAVES’ EYES: Enter Valhalla

Leaves’ Eyes continues its take on folky/Scandinavian symphonic metal on its fantastic eighth full-length release, The Last Viking, which is a concept album about Norway’s King Harald III, called Hardrada (the hard ruler), and the Vikings’ decisive last battle in England near Stamford Bridge in the year 1066.


Intense. There are a number of adjectives one could use to describe Britain’s Anaal Nathrakh, but this one just seems to fit like an iron glove. In fact, there’s been plenty of ink spilt about this duo of vocalist Dave Hunt (V.I.T.R.I.O.L.) and instrumentalist/drum programmer/songwriter Irrumator, also known by the human name of Mick Kenney.

ELLEFSON: Megadeth Bassist Runs for Cover

While taking a brief break from recording his new Ellefson solo album, bassist David Ellefson was rummaging through his vast record collection one night and thought it would be a great idea to re-record some of those classic tracks. Thus, No Cover was born. Ellefson recently spoke with us about picking the tunes to cover for the album, the recording process, the significance of the album cover art, and much more.

DEVILDRIVER: Demons Be Gone!

California groove metal merchants DevilDriver have delivered a solid effort with its first part of a double album called Dealing with Demons I on Napalm Records. Guitarist Mike Spreitzer recently spoke with us about the new records, the response they’ve been getting so far from fans, the band camaraderie, and what DevilDriver plans to do next.

CULT OF LILITH: Necromechanical Baroque

Coming straight outta Reykjavik, Iceland and gripping on to the silver-plated reins of a bronco bucking to the sounds of wiry, technica, and melodic death metal comes Cult of Lilith. The sounds of the band’s debut full-length, Mara, marries influences from 18th Century classical music, 20th Century Gothenburg scene, and 21st Century tech-death, essentially keeping one foot in the past as they stretch the commonly accepted boundaries…

TOUCHÉ AMORÉ: Joy and Comfort

We sat down with Jeremy Bolm of post-hardcore heavyweights Touché Amoré to talk about how he’s been keeping sane during the pandemic, the band’s upcoming full-length Lament, working with famed producer Ross Robinson, his new podcast, the future of live music, and more.

NAPALM DEATH: Caught in a Steel Trap

Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism is another crowning achievement from the one band that continues to defy the notion that with age inevitably comes mellowing and that the best stuff is the early stuff. We caught up with vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway after his morning bike ride along the seaside to discuss relentless un-relentlessness, treating fellow human beings as human beings, and “doing the Swans.”

HINAYANA: The Human Spirit

Closing out the summer, Austin, Texas based Hinayana drops their Napalm Records debut and hotly anticipated EP, Death of the Cosmic—four driving, blood pumping tracks that squarely establish that the Nordic countries no longer claim an icy monopoly over authentic melodic death metal.

CURSE MACKEY: Silver Lining

Curse Mackey is a familiar name in the industrial music world, being a figure in bands such as Pigface and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. 2019 saw the album debut, Instant Exorcism, of the musician’s self-named personal project, which led to accruing quite a fan base following his every endeavor. We had the opportunity to pick Curse’s mind, discuss all of the recent happenings in his world, the unique artwork that continued forth, and what’s coming next.


Fist-pumping, sing-along choruses, tantalizing harmonized guitar leads, driving double bass patterns, and a singer who possesses a four octave mezzo-soprano range are all part of Unleash the Archers’ melodic power metal. On the Canadian band’s fifth full-length album, Abyss, released through Napalm Records, Unleash the Archers tackles its first full-on sci-fi/fantasy laced concept album.