ASHES OF ARES: Craving Destruction

Heavy metal duo, Ashes of Ares, consisting of ex-Iced Earth alumni—vocalist Matt Barlow and bassist/guitarist Freddie Vidales—has created a project that they can truly call their own. Formed in 2012 with the impetus of starting fresh after both musicians left Iced Earth, Ashes of Ares has carried on its brand of heavy power metal with honesty and passion for the genre.

Outburn Exclusive Video Interview with OF THE WASTELAND

WATCH OUR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH OF THE WASTELAND ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Of The Wasteland—lead singer Stefan Rhoades, guitar player Johnathan Flannagan, bassist Alvin Cespedes, and drummer Steven Neevs—is a new band from Miami, Florida, on Apocalypse Records.

FRANK BELLO: Memoirs of a Work in Progress

In doing this interview with Frank about his memoir, Fathers, Brothers and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment and Anthrax, it seems like we had known each other for years. There’s a lot to take in with Frank’s book, and there are no spoilers here, because Anthrax fans, and non-metal fans alike, should pick up the book and feel the same personal connection with how the man told his story.

DREAM THEATER: Expanding Reality

On its 15th full-length optimistically titled album, A View from the Top of the World, the talented quintet is sure to win back those fans that dismissed The Astonishing. Expanding on the sound Dream Theater helped create, the band also retained its roots of the elements that have garnered them worldwide devoted fans.

CRAZY LIXX: Loose ‘n’ Lethal

Street Lethal sits alongside some of the band’s best work. It’s heavy when it needs to be, it’s a ripper when it wants to be, and it’s always melodic. Vocalist and producer Danny Rexon seems to have it all under control, as he discusses the current state of Crazy Lixx and Street Lethal.


Working their asses off during the pandemic, Psycho Synner recently released nine full-length albums—yes, nine!—on the same day. We spoke to Jeremy Spencer to figure out how this was done and what is looming around the corner for Psycho Synner.

JOHN 5: Everyone Is a Sinner

“There’s a little sinner in all of us,” guitar maestro John 5 explained during a recent interview about the title of his newest solo instrumental album Sinner. On his tenth solo instrumental album, Sinner, he and his band The Creatures—featuring bassist Ian Ross and drummer Logan Miles Nix—perform a wide range of styles that encapsulates everything about his six-string prowess.

EVERY TIME I DIE: Radical, Rebirth, and 20 Years of Last Night in Town

Keith Buckley has never been one to mince words, nor is he lacking in the creative output department. Frontman of hardcore meets metalcore luminaries and Buffalo’s favorite sons Every Time I Die, Buckley has seen the industry morph and change for the better part of three decades. On Every Time I Die’s ninth studio album Radical, rebirth is as much a buzzword as any descriptor surrounding the band since their humble underground beginnings.

LUCIFER: Image of Defiance

Lucifer IV is an album you can imagine being played at everything from a seance and a 70s key party to being featured prominently in Mark (Grand Funk Railroad) Farner’s record collection and as the centerpiece of a stoner film soundtrack. We spoke with Johanna Platow-Andersson about the importance of proximity, growing up in Germany, and how to say fuck you to the patriarchy without actually saying fuck you to the patriarchy.

THE AGONIST: Death and Resurrection

On the heels of its newly released five track EP, Days Before the World Wept, the band is still waiting to finalize a tour to finally start playing live again. During a recent interview, Vicky talked about the new album, lyrical inspiration, and her other musical projects.