Easily one of the most prolific and skilled guitarists of the past several decades, John 5’s proclivity for diverse and downright strange song crafting has never been more evident than what the 47-year-old Michigan native has given us on his ninth record, Invasion.

SUM 41: Everything Just Falls Out

It would be an impossible feat to discuss the entire history of legendary rock band Sum 41 in one sitting. Now, the group’s years of touring and 15 million records sold worldwide have culminated into some of their most raw and vulnerable material ever written on their new album Order in Decline.

FALSE: The Power of Truth

Times they are a-changin’ for Minneapolis’ False. Quickly after their 2010 formation, they were heralded as shining stars on the American black metal scene following an EP and a split with Barghest. The sextet’s insistence on anonymity and refusing interviews created both mystique and controversy. Fans of the band’s progressive and melodic black metal style clamored for information…

3TEETH: Something That Matters

3TEETH is a band that is hard to ignore, with heavy riffs and ideological undertones, not to mention a stage presence that intoxicates a room. With the band right on the cusp of its forthcoming release Metawar, its first time sharing the spotlight with a major label, we were able to get right into the mind of 3TEETH frontman Alexis Mincolla.

DADS THAT ROCK: An Interview with Chris Biersack Father of Andy Biersack (Black Veil...

For Father’s Day we spoke with Black Veil Brides first tour manager, merch manager, lighting director, driver, roadie, and so much more... Andy’s father Chris Biersack. With a daily active online presence of support for Andy, we had to find out more about the history of Chris and Andy’s incredible father son bond.

ANDY BLACK: Not Your Average Superhero

The Ghost of Ohio only has one eye and one hand. He doesn’t have a cool cape and he doesn’t have superpowers found in any DC or Marvel comic book. In reality, The Ghost of Ohio doesn’t really seem like a superhero at all. The brainchild of Andy Black is on a deeper mission—to do good in the now.

STATIC-X: The Static Behind the Mask

Wayne Static was a legend. Is a legend. His untimely passing left a hole in the hearts of many, from his family, to his friends, to all of the fans that were touched by his music. Away from the public, an idea was brewing from those closest to Wayne to somehow, in some way, bring a piece of him back to the world. Fast forward to now, and we are on the cusp of an anniversary tour…

DEVIN TOWNSEND: Mental Hopscotch

Everything Canadian oddball Devin Townsend touches turns to gold. From his nomadic beginnings as frontman for guitar wizard Steve Vai to industrial hooligans Front Line Assembly to the brutal Strapping Young Lad to the Devin Townsend Project and now with his current solo band, Townsend continues to walk his own musical path.


Brandon Mendenhall was told by doctors and his own family that he could never play a musical instrument due to his cerebral palsy. With inspiration and some help from Korn, Mendenhall never took no for an answer and persevered by teaching himself how to move his hands in order to play guitar and overcome the doubts of those around him to start his own band, The Mendenhall Experiment. Mind Over Matter is a documentary film by Sébastien Paquet chronicling Brandon’s journey from birth, his rocky childhood, and overcoming addiction…

BEWITCHER: The Moon, The Cross, The Witch

The core members of Portland’s Bewitcher are headbanging, earth dog rivet heads to the death. Okay, maybe not to the death, but they have sacrificed the creature comforts and stability of workaday life for the chance to rock out and travel around spreading their metallic fire and brimstone, living by the skin o’ their teeth in the process.