POWERMAN 5000 Release First Single & Video “Black Lipstick”

Two months ago, industrial metal icons Powerman 5000 announced they were readying a new album for 2020, The Noble Rot, and now the band is ready to share the very first single from that album, the goth club inspired “Black Lipstick.” The song is a loving homage to dark 80s music like Depeche Mode, The Cure &...


GRAVE DIGGER: Kilts, Bagpipes & Metal!

On its 20th full-length album, Fields of Blood released by Napalm Records, Grave Digger completes its Scottish historic trilogy concept it began on 1996’s Tunes of War and then with 2010’s The Clans Will Rise Again. Every track on Fields of Blood boasts all of the Grave Digger-isms fans have come to know and love, and is the ultimate way to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. The kilts are back on!

NAGLFAR: Always A Bit Surreal

After eight years of relative silence, Naglfar has reemerged from the darkest depths of Sweden to once again grace us with their distinctly chaotic brand of blackened noise in the form of their seventh studio album, Cerecloth, released by Century Media. Recently, we had the privilege of talking to guitarist and founding member Andreas Nilsson about Naglfar’s return, his thoughts on Cerecloth, and the future of the band.

ALESTORM: The Virtues of Piracy

Ahoy! If the coronavirus hadn’t worked its deleterious magic on the planet’s seven billion-plus inhabitants, the originators of pure Scottish pirate metal—none of whom are actually based in Scotland any longer, ironically enough—would just now be blasting from the starting blocks for the promotional and touring cycle for Curse of the Crystal Coconut, their latest album of metallic swashbuckling.

PARADISE LOST: Darker Than Black

“We’ve never pandered to what people want, trends, or fashion. We write songs with the same principle we had before we even had any fans—we please ourselves first. If we like something, then there’s a possibility other like-minded people will.” These are the words Paradise Lost frontman Nick Holmes…

TRIPTYKON: Capturing the Moment

Triptykon has just released the band’s live performance of Requiem, a project that has been in the works for over 30 years. Performed at the Roadburn Festival in 2019 with the Metrople Orkest, this recording brings Requiem to life and is released in memoriam of Martin Eric Ain and HR Giger. Requiem (Live at Roadburn 2019) consists of three tracks: “Rex Irae,” which was released on Celtic Frost’s Into the Pandemonium, the newly written “Grave Eternal,” and “Winter,” which appears on Celtic Frost’s Monotheist album.




As you’ve all surely experienced over the last month plus of our current Coronavirus quarantine, there are only a finite amount of things to do while we’re all staying at home—clean and organize your house, binge watch Netflix, exercise, sleep, eat, drink (heavily), and listen to music. And no matter what activity from that list you choose to partake in, music is the perfect accompaniment.

Exclusive Premiere of LOYALTY TO ME’s New EP Clash // Coexist

WATCH & LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF LOYALTY TO ME’S NEW EP CLASH // COEXIST ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM New Jersey five-piece Loyalty To Me march towards the release of their debut EP on May 15th, with an arsenal of hook-laden, relatable and infectious alternative rock tunes. Dancing between 00’s emo and present day pop-fueled emo, Loyalty To Me offers an enticing prospect for fans across the alternative rock genre.


VADER 2.25.20 Club Sur, Seattle, WA

Godfathers of death metal, Poland’s Vader just wrapped up a month long tour of North America—their first here in almost three years. As luck would have it, it also happened to fall on big anniversaries of three of their most revered albums—De Profundis (25 years), Litany (20 years), and The Art of War (15 years), giving the band an excuse to bring out some deeper, older cuts on this run.

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST 2.24.20 The Webster Underground, Hartford, CT

The lights dimmed and the energy of the crowd intensified with anticipation for the New England local, Great American Ghost. The band released their third LP Power Through Terror just 10 days before the show, giving fans plenty of time to learn every lyric.

SEPTEMBER MOURNING 2.16.20 The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY

From the fog filled darkness emerges a female figure dressed in white, angelic and surreal. There is something mystical about her, one can not avert their eyes. Is she even real? Is she of this Earth? As she begins to sing the most angelic yet tormented tones, it is quickly realized this is no ordinary rock show. This is September Mourning.