Original VANNA Lineup Back Together to Record New EP

From guitarist Evan Pharmakis’ Facebook post: “As some of you may know, we have been quite busy lately. Five friends reconnected in a beautiful way, and decided to create music together again, purely for the joy and fun of it. The way it was in the beginning, the way it was always meant to be. The five...


SPIRITBOX: A Flower Crown Costs

Vancouver Island based progressive metallers Spiritbox have catapulted themselves to the forefront of the genre, despite playing only a few shows in their home country of Canada and a slew in Europe supporting After the Burial before the tour was cut short due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The band, comprised of metal power couple Courtney Laplante and Mike Stringer (both formerly of avant-garde metalcore act Iwrestledabearonce) and Bill Crook has been making waves since their self-titled debut in 2017.


Imperial Triumphant is one of the most unique forces in metal today. The band captures the bleak and chaotic nature of New York in their unique avant-garde meets black metal style. Wearing full masks with imagery of the Statue of Liberty and the Wall Street Bull, they symbolize the myriad of faceless individuals who hustle on the busy streets day and night.

ENSIFERUM: Into the Water

Thalassic, being the band’s most diverse offering yet, is bound to keep fans engaged and occupied during this period of indeterminate downtime. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Petri Lindroos as he sweated through one of the hottest Finnish summers on record to discuss why live show cancellations are especially painful, water’s elusive power, and the reason he’ll never stop smiling through even the worst flight conditions.

STINKY: The Smell of Lost Things

The first thing one notices about this five piece hardcore band from France is their moniker. It’s an unavoidable point of discussion, one that will either have people—and potential record label suitors, as you will see—running for the hills or justifying its use by claiming there were many worse and quite a few better band names they could have settled on.

KAMELOT: Building the Empire

Floridian power metal band Kamelot toured their ass off for almost a year and a half since the release of its 12th studio album, The Shadow Theory. With the release of I Am The Empire - Live from the 013 coming in August, Youngblood spoke to us about The Shadow Theory, on writing new music, Kamelot’s longevity in the music industry, and more.



Exclusive Premiere of BELLA KELLY’s Debut Single and Video for “Throat”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF BELLA KELLY’S NEW VIDEO “THROAT” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. The invigorating gothic-trap anthem “Throat” resonates with outsiders because BELLA casts her lot with them, alone with the alone.

Exclusive Premiere of WoR’s Debut Album Prisoners

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF WoR’S DEBUT ALBUM PRISONERS ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. WoR, groove metal hailing from Raleigh, USA, will be unleashing their debut album “Prisoners” on Friday, August 7, 2020 via Bungalo Records/Universal, and before it officially drops, the band has teamed with Outburn Magazine for the premiere of the records full stream.

Exclusive Premiere of PYRITE SIDEWALK’s New EP Effortlessly Subdued

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF PYRITE SIDEWALK’S NEW EP EFFORTLESSLY SUBDUED ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. San Francisco alternative rock four piece Pyrite Sidewalk has released a new acoustic EP. The Manic Kat Records outfit deliver stripped back, unplugged versions of three fan favorite tracks, on Effortlessly Subdued.


VADER 2.25.20 Club Sur, Seattle, WA

Godfathers of death metal, Poland’s Vader just wrapped up a month long tour of North America—their first here in almost three years. As luck would have it, it also happened to fall on big anniversaries of three of their most revered albums—De Profundis (25 years), Litany (20 years), and The Art of War (15 years), giving the band an excuse to bring out some deeper, older cuts on this run.

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST 2.24.20 The Webster Underground, Hartford, CT

The lights dimmed and the energy of the crowd intensified with anticipation for the New England local, Great American Ghost. The band released their third LP Power Through Terror just 10 days before the show, giving fans plenty of time to learn every lyric.

SEPTEMBER MOURNING 2.16.20 The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY

From the fog filled darkness emerges a female figure dressed in white, angelic and surreal. There is something mystical about her, one can not avert their eyes. Is she even real? Is she of this Earth? As she begins to sing the most angelic yet tormented tones, it is quickly realized this is no ordinary rock show. This is September Mourning.