CALIBAN: Ghosts from the Past

Caliban has emerged from a planned, self-imposed hiatus with Zeitgeister. We caught up with the frontman Andreas Dörner via Zoom to discuss feeling uncomfortable with one’s native language, the perils of being your own version of Google Translate, and being haunted by songs.

EVILE: Hell Is Unleashed

On the band’s blistering fifth full-length, Hell Unleashed, Ol Drake takes over lead vocal duties, as well as handling all lead guitar parts. During our conversation, he talks about his return to the band, his brother’s exit, and the new album, and what the future holds for Evile.


Berried Alive is taking the world by storm riff by riff and receiving global recognition from some of the biggest names in rock and metal. We spoke with guitarist Charles Caswell to learn all we can about Berried Alive and his crazy style of playing.

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN: Kaleidoscopic Light

With the high-octane and infectious psychedelic/progressive hard rock of Monuments, The Vintage Caravan has shone a kaleidoscopic light on dark and cloudy times. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Óskar Logi Ágústsson for a primer on volcanic activity, Icelandic rock history, and how to never forget your roots.

EMPTY STREETS: Right Down the Center

Aaron Thompson’s electric melodies and moody vocals are sure to capture the attention of darkwave and brooding synthpop music fans with his endeavor Empty Streets. This dark act is on the cusp of a brand new EP titled Age of Regret, entering the public soundwaves in June of 2021 on Cleopatra Records.



Exclusive Premiere: EMBR’s New Single and Music Video “Eyes Like Knives”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “EYES LIKE KNIVES” BY EMBR ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “‘Eyes Like Knives’ is a composition about the angel of death, the reaper, the judge, the messenger. It’s a song about punishment, retribution, penalty and penance,” says drummer Eric Bigelow.

Erik Rutan’s Top 10 Favorite CANNIBAL CORPSE Songs

We tasked Cannibal Corpse’s freshly recruited new guitarist, Hate Eternal’s own Erik Rutan, to tell us some of his favorite songs to play from the band’s enviable back catalog.

Chef BRIAN TSAO Pairs 10 Recipes with 10 Metal Bands

Chef Brian Tsao is not your typical chef. He loves his metal licks as much as his tasty licks. As the son of a Chinese father and Korean mother, he grew up in Flushing, Queens, NY into a family rich with Asian heritage and culinary traditions.


MUSHROOMHEAD: Shroomhouse Double Feature 2.14.21

Cleveland industrial/alt-metal octet, Mushroomhead, unleashed a free YouTube streaming event on Valentine’s Day to premiere a double feature of cinematic videos of previous tracks “Carry On” and ”Madness Within.”

AVATAR AGES: Age of Memories 1.30.21

Focusing on the band’s earlier albums with tracks off Thoughts of No Tomorrow, Schlacht, and playing the self-titled Avatar in its entirety, it was a wild but most excellent ride.

FIRA: Whisky A Go Go 1.19.21

Los Angeles based act FIRA found themselves in the sights of thousands during an unexpected livestream performance at the world famous Whisky a Go Go, performing their latest release From Vegas With Blood in its entirety.