ELM STREET: The Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation



OLD SCHOOL HEAVY METAL: The old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait,” an adage that perfectly describes The Great Tribulation, the fourth full length from Aussie metallers Elm Street, their first in nearly a decade. But if you’re looking for rust or anything of the sort, you best look elsewhere, because you won’t find it here. All you’ll find is a band delivering the best record of their young career.

Opening your first full length in seven years with an 11 minute-plus is an ambitious plan, but Elm Street deliver the goods and then some with “Seven Sirens,” a rifftastic rollercoaster in and of itself, one that deftly ebbs and flows through peaks and valleys, all the while conjuring up comparisons to heavy metal greats like Helloween and Judas Priest. The band delivers a memorable anthem on “Take the Night,” a quick blast of guitar-fueled frenzy that clocks in under three minutes. “The Price of War” is a true powerhouse, anchored by some of The Great Tribulation’s strongest guitar work from the talented tandem of Ben Batres and Aaron Adie. “Behind the Eyes of Evil” takes The Great Tribulation down a doomy and gloomy path, yet another sonic arrow in the quiver of Elm Street. Once the galloping leads kick in and take hold on this track, the listener is immediately transported to charging into battle, sigils in hand, warriors at the ready to crack some skulls. “The Last Judgement” is purely instrumental, six minutes’ worth, and a banger at that. If you were to tell us that this track was taken off of a video game score somewhere, we would have believed you in a heartbeat. “A State of Fear” has all the makings of a classic metal album closer, a track that sends the listener out on high note while at the same time wrapping up the album succinctly.  

Most tracks on The Great Tribulation are six, seven, and even 11 minutes long, but no track overstays its welcome and the record never seems to tire, which is a true testament to this band, and an even bigger testament to this record. ~ Brian Campbell