GROOVE METAL: When searching for something new to quench a metal music thirst, it is uncommon to look in places such as beautiful Costa Rica to find one of the most talented and empyreal heavy hitters in the genre right now. When it comes to Savage Existence, the band’s instrumental energy is just as pugilistic and destructive as the vocals and attitude. An international trifecta born from three different countries, Savage Existence used their engaging instrumental vitality and unapologetically frank lyricism to create their debut album, Animals. This engrossing dynamism of assaultive effervescence and emotional resonance continues with their latest self-titled release. 

Charged from the beginning, Savage Existence provides listeners with a gorgeous piano-driven, ethereal introduction, showing off their creative chops. The band then begins to potently engross its listeners with the fourth track, “Dumpster Water.” One of the best tracks on the album, Savage Existence lays their talents all on the table with a cinematic indulgence that dives into some of the best diabolical vocals, infectious guitar patterns, and petal and barrage of drum patterns on the record before making its way to the final tracks. 

The album continues to surprise and allure with denuded experiences, like “It’s All on You.” Accompanied by acoustic and massive guitar riffs, the band shows a different emotional side to them towards the middle of the album, blending a gorgeous array of dulcet and punchy elements that pushes their sound to new heights. 

The theatrical metallic riffs of “Enigma” are full of atmospheric surprises and instrumental layers from start to finish. With tumultuous guitars that permeate into the track’s dramatic drum work, it’s a juncture that’s a cut above the rest before jumping into another massive highlight and finale, “Matricide,” with arena-ready moments that showcase the talents of this metal outfit. With plenty of distinct, robust percussive cadence, and melodic riff cadence, Savage Existence continues to prove that their musical spontaneity and organic contentiousness are undoubtedly some of the best in the metal genre.

Savage Existence’s self-titled release illustrates real-life difficulties and contemporary concerns while artistically fusing old school groove metal with aspects of conventional metal, death metal, and Southern rock. Their self-titled album further examines how we feel and deal with pain, demonstrates artistic progress, and shows a unique combative and potent attitude to metal. ~ Sammie Star