Here’s what happens when you speak to the legendary Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Alex “Wolfman” Story, along with a special appearance from Alissa White-Gluz, in a single interview.


Everyone's favorite goblin-centric band has been busy with a new album, a cruise, a hit YouTube show, a sponsorship from Chili’s, and even a book deal for their hype man John Goblikon.

COLD: Breaking the Ice

It’s been close to a decade since the world has received a new record from Florida based rockers Cold. Making their mark in the heyday of big nu metal such as Staind, Linkin Park, and Evanescence, Cold was always the dark horse, pumping out heavy anthems of tragedy and adversity, anchored by frontman Scooter Ward.

CANDLEMASS: Swinging Again

Grammy-nominated Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass have come full circle with the return of original vocalist Johan Längquist, whom recorded vocals on the band’s 1986 debut masterpiece Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. After 35-plus years, Candlemass remains firmly on top of the doom metal heap. Edling spoke with us about Candlemass’ Grammy nomination, their new EP, and the band’s long-lasting legacy.

CURSE MACKEY: Silver Lining

Curse Mackey is a familiar name in the industrial music world, being a figure in bands such as Pigface and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. 2019 saw the album debut, Instant Exorcism, of the musician’s self-named personal project, which led to accruing quite a fan base following his every endeavor. We had the opportunity to pick Curse’s mind, discuss all of the recent happenings in his world, the unique artwork that continued forth, and what’s coming next.

DEAD POSEY: Don’t Stop Them Now

With the release of their latest EPs, Malfunction and Malfunction X Broken Down on Sumerian Records, and a new album on the horizon, Danyell and Tony discuss the band’s humble beginnings, hope for the year, and musical inspirations.

The Haunt: Interview with Maxamillion Haunt and Anastasia Grace

The Haunt may not be a household name yet, especially since the band recently changed its name from AnastasiaMax to the much more fitting moniker only a short time before this interview...

POSSESSED: Light in the Darkness

For the band and the man who put a name to the sound, it’s been a long, hard road for death metal O.G.’s Possessed, in which near insurmountable hurdles have been traversed. They may have been done with all the grace of a herd of meth-ed up elephants, but what’s important is that those obstacles have been leapt over at all, and the result is Revelations of Oblivion…

DAWN RAY’D: The Intersection of Chaos

Strange as it may sound to say, what stands out most about Liverpool based trio Dawn Ray’d is that the black metal sound is all that’s really attaching them to the black metal scene. Hailing from the same boundary pushing outskirts as outfits like Wolves in the Throne Room, Alcest, Panopticon, and those who dare weave other genres around black metal’s DNA helix—in their case, classic folk and protest music—Dawn Ray’d has found kinship with the DIY scene, squat and underground independent venue touring circuit, and make no bones about their far left politics.

DIAMANTE: Finding Independence

Diamante stormed the scene in 2018 with her first album Coming in Hot. Now two years later, Diamante reflects on the trials and tribulations of working with a record label as she announces her amicable split with Better Noise Music, a new single and video “Obvious,” and gives us an idea of what her future looks like as an independent artist.