Here’s what happens when you speak to the legendary Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Alex “Wolfman” Story, along with a special appearance from Alissa White-Gluz, in a single interview.

Between the Buried and Me: Interview with Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.

THE BANDS THAT WE STILL CELEBRATE DECADES after their debut are the ones that ignored the rules and the prevailing wisdom of their day and instead challenged listeners to reconsider all that music might achieve.

MOMS THAT ROCK: An Interview with Sandy Hittesdorf, Mother of Ash Costello (New Years...

For Mother’s Day, we wanted to do something special with one of the most supportive moms in music. Starting off by shining a light on a parent that not only supported her daughter’s journey, but continues to do so to the fullest extent to this very day. We had the pleasure of speaking with Sandy Hittesdorf, mother of Ash Costello (New Years Day) about Ash’s history with music, some funny stories, and, of course, the amazing bond between Ash and her incredible mom…

THE ALMOST: Solace, Anger, or Sensibility

Six long and quiet years have passed since The Almost last graced our speakers. With a very public saga of the demise and subsequent rebirth of vocalist Aaron Gillespie’s juggernaut of a full-time job, drumming for Underoath, fans of his side gig weren’t holding their breath for a follow-up to 2013’s Fear Inside Our Bones. As fate would have it, keeping fans in the dark is exactly what Gillespie needed to complete Fear Caller.

WEREWOLVES: Bestial, Muscular, and Hairy

Set your stopwatches boys and girls because Australia’s Werewolves are breaking all accomplishment records with the same land speed quickness as a suicidal Fun-E car pilot tearing up the Bonneville Speedway Salt Flats powered by a combination of nitrous oxide and Usain Bolt’s fast-twitch muscle fibers. It’s not that the band (drummer Dave Haley, guitarist Matt Wilcock, and bassist/vocalist Sam Bean—with umpteen years of combined experience playing in the likes of Akercocke, The Senseless, The Berzerker, The Antichrist Imperium, Ruins, King, Abramelin, and more) was able to…

INSPIRIT: Indefinite Definite

We jumped at the chance to talk with vocalists Evan Pharmakis and Chris Preece on a call together where they break down the return of the band with INSPIRIT and the journey behind dissolving Vanna in the first place, as well as how all the members came back together. The two of them give the inside story on what INSPIRIT has been up to and what they hope is to come.

LIVING DEAD GIRL: Out of Body Experience

Formed in 2017, the Canadian modern metal band Living Dead Girl is independently releasing its long-awaited debut full-length album, Exorcism. Four years in the making, Living Dead Girl’s founder/vocalist Molly Rennick’s long journey has taken many twists and turns to get to this point in her music career.

STICK TO YOUR GUNS: More Than an Island in an Ocean

Stick To Your Guns is a band that has always been confident about the anthemic themes within their music to tell the stories of truths that exist in our lives. Those truths extend beyond the self and into the world around us. “We are the universe experiencing itself,” vocalist Jesse Barnett examines.


It’s been an eventful year for Southern California metalcore kings Of Mice & Men. Despite the departure of their founding vocalist Austin Carlile, the band has soldiered on as a quartet, with bassist and clean singer Aaron Pauley taking over full vocal duties.

FALSE: The Power of Truth

Times they are a-changin’ for Minneapolis’ False. Quickly after their 2010 formation, they were heralded as shining stars on the American black metal scene following an EP and a split with Barghest. The sextet’s insistence on anonymity and refusing interviews created both mystique and controversy. Fans of the band’s progressive and melodic black metal style clamored for information…