HINAYANA: The Human Spirit

Closing out the summer, Austin, Texas based Hinayana drops their Napalm Records debut and hotly anticipated EP, Death of the Cosmic—four driving, blood pumping tracks that squarely establish that the Nordic countries no longer claim an icy monopoly over authentic melodic death metal.

Monster Magnet: Interview with Dave Wyndorf

There’s something perfect about Monster Magnet titling an album Mindfucker, and the recipient of this name is arguably one of the finest releases in their nearly 30 year career.

SHATTERED SUN: Reinvented / Exclusive Shades of Melodie Video Premiere

Shattered Sun has been through a lot in the past year, with the departure of two longtime members, separating from Victory Records, and narrowly missing out on opening for Metallica. As with all things, the pendulum swings back, and it swings back just as hard as the band’s new music.

LIZZY BORDEN: Darkness and Some of Those Elements

Lizzy Borden may take its namesake from an infamous murderer, but the band’s music is intended to take you on a visual journey like no other. Having just returned from a very successful tour with Tyr and Demons and Wizards, we had a great time chatting with the frontman himself about the tour, the anniversary of Visual Lies, and more.

TESTAMENT: Better Headspace

It’s a great time to be a Testament fan. The band is arguably creating some of the most original and dynamic music of its career, taking aim at their classic material from the 1980s with a fresh ear and the willingness to go all in with modern technology. It hasn’t been an easy road, however, as break ups, roadblocks, and personal tragedies have all stood in Testament’s way.

MACABRE: Pogo On A Stick

When it comes to the formation of extreme metal, Macabre undeservedly might be one of the overlooked bands. Formed in 1985, Macabre has reigned for 35 years with their unique, brutal, and a touch of humor sound, focusing their entire discography around serial killers—a genre that has been dubbed “murder metal.”


Though Pepper Keenan rejoined Corrosion of Conformity back in 2014, it’s taken some time for the band to drop a new record. With No Cross No Crown, the first Corrosion of Conformity release to feature the vocalist since 2005’s In the Arms of God, they have returned…

PIG: I Want Candy

From the suave to the sultry, from the dark to the even creepier, PIG is back at it with a new twist on songs you may never expect to hear. With pop music always wrapped in a colorful, innocent little package, PIG’s Raymond Watts has unearthed the more sinister side within the lyrics.

ANNIHILATOR: Looking Forward, Not Back

In the interest of full disclosure, my Annihilator fandom goes back to 1986 and the Phantasmagoria demo. Back in the day, the four track demo may have had the most ridiculous looking piece of headgear for its cover art, but it set my home and native land ablaze. Annihilator ended up being placed in a stead with Sacrifice, Razor, and Slaughter to often be referred to as The Big Four of Canadian Thrash…

GREEN CARNATION: Blessings and Rebirth

Thankfully, nothing lasts forever (especially band breakups), and here we are with the much anticipated Green Carnation reunion and another fantastic release to their credit, as well. Leaves of Yesteryear falls in the familiar, warm, and welcoming territory of the band’s melodic and melancholic brand of metal. We got in touch with frontman Kjetil Nordhus to discuss the band’s status in 2020 and beyond, with Leaves of Yesteryear signifying a rebirth and new beginning for one of metal’s most unique, original acts.