CRO-MAGS: A New Quarrel

Today, there are two iterations of the Cro-Mags touring out there on the road, but that’s definitely not the case if you speak to band founder, bassist, and songwriter Harley Flanagan. For him, there’s only one Cro-Mags, and it’s the band with him set firmly in the creative driver’s seat.

SEVEN SPIRES: Under the Cathedral

Formed in 2013 in Boston, symphonic/power/black/melodic death metal band Seven Spires’ members met while attending the renowned Berklee College of Music. Featuring frontwoman Adrienne Cowan, guitarist Jack Kosto, bassist Peter de Reyna, and drummer Chris Dovas, the band has just released its sophomore affair, Emerald Seas, through Frontiers Music.

STINKY: The Smell of Lost Things

The first thing one notices about this five piece hardcore band from France is their moniker. It’s an unavoidable point of discussion, one that will either have people—and potential record label suitors, as you will see—running for the hills or justifying its use by claiming there were many worse and quite a few better band names they could have settled on.

NERVOSA: Positive Energy

The São Paulo based axe slinger found the Nervosa house empty when former members walked in late April. Refusing to throw the towel in, she quickly scoured the globe and recruited Spanish vocalist Diva Satanica, Italian bassist Mia Wallace, and Greek drummer Eleni Nota, and by the end of the summer, and against all odds, Nervosa’s fourth, latest and greatest album, Perpetual Chaos, was born.

JOHN 5: Everyone Is a Sinner

“There’s a little sinner in all of us,” guitar maestro John 5 explained during a recent interview about the title of his newest solo instrumental album Sinner. On his tenth solo instrumental album, Sinner, he and his band The Creatures—featuring bassist Ian Ross and drummer Logan Miles Nix—perform a wide range of styles that encapsulates everything about his six-string prowess.

NITA STRAUSS: Controlling Chaos

We spoke to multifaceted shred queen Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, Iron Maidens) directly after her first solo show and the live debut of Controlled Chaos to talk about guitar technique, The Guitar Collective tour, balancing life on the road with Alice Cooper and her own material, and, of course, all about her new album.


September Mourning has been busy touring and working on a follow-up to Volume II and the September Mourning comic book. With fate on the heels of Emily Lazar, both literally and figuratively, we find out from the enigmatic Lazar and guitarist Rich Juzwick what the band has been up to.

EXHUMED: The Horror of It All

The idea to release a short, 26 minute album titled Horror with VHS inspired cover art could have exploded in the face of a lesser retro thrash act without the pedigree and experience of Exhumed. Thankfully, Matt Harvey and Co. have all the bases covered with their seventh full-length, an absolute ripper of a record that strikes like lightning with riff after devastating riff.

JARBOE: The Journey That Stays With You

Jarboe was supposed to be ankle deep in a month long European tour in support of Illusory, but with everything being cancelled for the foreseeable future, Outburn—and yes, she still cherishes her ongoing relationship with the magazine/website, including a recollection of 1998, the year her birthday was the focus of a feature and she penned a guest editorial—rang her up to discuss fervid independence, rebellion by being incorrect, and the lasting impact of life in Swans.

ELLEFSON: Megadeth Bassist Runs for Cover

While taking a brief break from recording his new Ellefson solo album, bassist David Ellefson was rummaging through his vast record collection one night and thought it would be a great idea to re-record some of those classic tracks. Thus, No Cover was born. Ellefson recently spoke with us about picking the tunes to cover for the album, the recording process, the significance of the album cover art, and much more.