THE CROWN: Appetites for Destruction

The Crown first returned to the international extreme metal scene back in 2010 after a six year hiatus and have released a relatively steady stream of solid albums since then. And their latest, Royal Destroyer, is something special. Guitarist Marko Tervonen discusses the new album and what keeps The Crown’s creative flame burning.

Angel Vivaldi and Nita Strauss Interview Each Other

Guitar heroes Angel Vivaldi and Nita Strauss go head-to-head and interview each other while on the first date of this year’s The Guitar Collective tour, which is also Strauss’ first solo show and live debut of her new record Controlled Chaos.


Brandon Mendenhall was told by doctors and his own family that he could never play a musical instrument due to his cerebral palsy. With inspiration and some help from Korn, Mendenhall never took no for an answer and persevered by teaching himself how to move his hands in order to play guitar and overcome the doubts of those around him to start his own band, The Mendenhall Experiment. Mind Over Matter is a documentary film by Sébastien Paquet chronicling Brandon’s journey from birth, his rocky childhood, and overcoming addiction…

BAD WOLVES: Have Some Teeth

Metal musicians from all different types of bands and backgrounds came together in 2017 to form Bad Wolves, a Los Angeles based supergroup that blended pounding yet accessible hard rock with some of the most infectious melodies around. Recently, drummer John Boecklin spoke with us about Bad Wolves’ new album, N.A.T.I.O.N., acting as a producer as well as a musician, and the various ways he likes to think outside the box.


Firewind guitarist Gus G (real name Kostantinos “Kostas” Karamitroudis) is ushering in another new era of the band in 2020. With longtime collaborator and keyboardist Bob Katsionis exiting the band recently—as well as vocalist Henning Basse—Gus has reconfigured, re-examined, and rebuilt Firewind’s hard rock meets power metal hybrid sound.

ALTER BRIDGE: Optimism Abounds

Just like every musician, artist, and band during this pandemic, melodic hard rockers Alter Bridge had to get creative with its normal band activity after the cancellation of their entire 2020 touring schedule. Mr. Kennedy spoke with us about the new EP Walk the Sky 2.0, his upcoming solo release, his appearance in the 2001 Mark Wahlberg starred movie Rock Star, his writing sessions with Led Zeppelin, and more.

TIMES OF GRACE: Out of the Darkness

Times of Grace—the side-project between current Killswitch Engage members Adam Dutkiewicz (vocals/guitar/bass) and Jesse Leach (vocals)—has returned with its expansive second full-length album, Songs of Loss and Separation, 10 years after its debut. Jesse recently spoke with us about the writing process for the new album, the lyrical inspiration, and what the future holds for Times of Grace.


With so many fads and trends coming and going in heavy music, it’s not always easy to keep your integrity and stick to your guns while maintaining a fan base. In August Burns Red’s case, this has never been a cause for concern. Remaining true to its core sound while progressing naturally with each record, the band has built up one of the most admirable catalogs in contemporary metalcore.

CARNIFEX: Full Metal Jacket

This summer sees the release of World War X, the seventh and most ambitious outing yet from San Diego’s Carnifex. Delivering all of the neck snapping riffs and pulverizing tempos that have become the band’s calling card, World War X sees the death metal five piece conceiving a war themed modern metal epic that’s as emotional and evocative as it is brutal. We caught up with vocalist Scott Ian Lewis to get the story behind the new record.

GOD DETHRONED: Under Pressure

Even after 11 albums and a history that goes back further than most of you reading this have been alive, God Dethroned’s Henri Sattler is still bright-eyed and bushy tailed about the band he formed as an unruly, Christ hating teenager back in 1991 in the Dutch village of Beilen. It’s the band he still leads—and is still excited about—as a rebellious adult who has failed to conform…