SINISTER: Still Brutal and Raw

With a legacy spanning 30 years, Sinister has endured many changes in its career, such as different lineups, but the band has remained consistent by constantly releasing heavy and ravaging material. Deformation of the Holy Realm, the band’s 14th album, is no different. Sinister guitarist Michal Grall talks about Deformation of the Holy Realm, his contributions to the album, and the band’s plans during and after the quarantine.


Interview with Maria Brink by Nick DeMarino Photographs by Jeremy Saffer “I HAVE SO MUCH IN MY HEART AND IN MY CHEST, THIS FIRE...

INCITE: We’ve Been Built for This

Extreme metal band Incite—led by vocalist Richie Cavalera—has had to fight for everything they’ve achieved thus far in its 15 year existence. As the stepson of Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Soulfly fame, nothing’s ever been handed to him.

ASTRONOID: Into The Noid

There are few bands as varied in sound and audience as Astronoid. Having spent the better part of the last two years opening for unholy metal champions Ghost and Zeal & Ardor, as well as prog heroes Periphery and Tesseract, the Lowell, Massachusetts quartet is gearing up to hit the road with Between the Buried and Me.

MOMS THAT ROCK: An Interview with Sandy Hittesdorf, Mother of Ash Costello (New Years...

For Mother’s Day, we wanted to do something special with one of the most supportive moms in music. Starting off by shining a light on a parent that not only supported her daughter’s journey, but continues to do so to the fullest extent to this very day. We had the pleasure of speaking with Sandy Hittesdorf, mother of Ash Costello (New Years Day) about Ash’s history with music, some funny stories, and, of course, the amazing bond between Ash and her incredible mom…

SABATON: The War to End All Wars

Get your battle gear on, we are going to war! Military-esque legends Sabaton have released their newest album, The Great War. Inspired by the events of one of the most monumental wars in history, this World War I record shows the metal scene just how incredible real life history can be. We had the opportunity to go deep with Sabaton bassist Pär Sundström on everything to do with the battle metal band’s ninth record.

FRANK BELLO: Memoirs of a Work in Progress

In doing this interview with Frank about his memoir, Fathers, Brothers and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment and Anthrax, it seems like we had known each other for years. There’s a lot to take in with Frank’s book, and there are no spoilers here, because Anthrax fans, and non-metal fans alike, should pick up the book and feel the same personal connection with how the man told his story.

GO AHEAD AND DIE: Keeping It in the Family

During a father and son getaway at a remote mountain property in the middle of the Arizona desert, Cavalera senior and his youngest son, Igor Amedias Cavalera, spent the COVID summer of 2020 writing Go Ahead And Die’s self-titled debut full-length record. Igor speaks about the writing and recording of the album, what it means to be a Cavalera, his stoner metal band Healing Magic, and much more.


Working their asses off during the pandemic, Psycho Synner recently released nine full-length albums—yes, nine!—on the same day. We spoke to Jeremy Spencer to figure out how this was done and what is looming around the corner for Psycho Synner.

KEVIN LYMAN: A Warped Retrospective

As part of Outburn’s Warped Tour retrospective, and with the tour on its final cross country run, we sat down and to talk with its creator and curator Kevin Lyman about the history of Warped Tour—where it started and the journey that got it to where it is today.