CYNIC: Celestial Voyage and Integral Birth

“This band was ahead of their time.” “This band changed metal.” “This band led the groundwork for a new breed of metal bands.” We use these sentences to describe a myriad of bands. But these examples apply to Cynic more strongly than any other band.

Exclusive Premiere of SERIOUS MATTERS Lead Single “Sixth or 6th”

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF SERIOUS MATTERS’ LEAD SINGLE “SIXTH OR 6TH” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM FROM THE BAND’S UPCOMING RELEASE OF MISTAKING WASPS FOR DRAGONFLIES. New Jersey alternative rockers Serious Matters have detailed their upcoming debut album. Mistaking Wasps for Dragonflies is out August 7th, and the band has also released a brand new song, “Sixth or 6th,” exclusively on today.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Video for “Cursing the Sky” from Occult Inspired Band LUNA13

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF LUNA13’S NEW VIDEO FOR “CURSING THE SKY” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Unleashing trademark blend of electronica and black metal and hailed as “the bass music scene’s Slayer,” dark lord deathtronica duo LUNA13 look to spread their devilish delights in 2020.

Exclusive Premiere: THE HAUNT’s New Music Video “Love You Better”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE HAUNT’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LOVE YOU BETTER” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “Have you ever convinced yourself that you love someone when deep down you know they really aren’t right for you? That’s what ‘Love You Better’ is about.”

Exclusive Premiere and Track By Track: ADVENTURER’s New Album Pacifica

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW ALBUM PACIFICA BY ADVENTURER AND READ GUITARIST/VOCALIST STEVEN CHRISTY’S TRACK BY TRACK ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Detroit quartet Adventurer has released a new album, Pacifica, which draws on influences from punk, indie, and melodic hardcore.

Exclusive Premiere: FOXERA’s New Single and Music Video “Away From Me” Featuring Kellin Quinn...

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO “AWAY FROM ME” FROM FOXERA ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Foxera will be releasing “Away From Me,” a brand new track featuring Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn. The song is officially out on August 20th.

Exclusive Premiere: VOID CHAPTER Fuses Synthwave and Metal on New Single “Target Acquired”

WATCH THE OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO FOR VOID CHAPTER’S “TARGET ACQUIRED” FEATURING MEGAN MCDUFFEE ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Dipping into the world of synthwave Void Chapter drops their latest synth metal mix single “Target Acquired” featuring the ethereal vocal talent of Megan McDuffee.

Exclusive Track by Track: LIKE WE ARE’s New EP Elevate

Austrian post-hardcore breakouts Like We Are have delivered their rousing new collection. The aptly titled Elevate is out now and showcases the quartet’s blend of atmospheric modern rock and riveting post-hardcore.

Exclusive Track by Track: Alternative Rock Outfit JUNRO’s New EP Matches

New England outfit Junro has set about crafting a dexterous blend of modern alternative rock, with elements of pop punk, post-hardcore, and indie shining through. Here, the band gives us an insight into each track on their Matches EP.

Exclusive Premiere: HEMATITE’s New Single and Music Video for “Run Devil Run”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO “RUN DEVIL RUN” FROM HEMATITE ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Today, Hematite is premiering “Run Devil Run,” the group’s final single before the long-awaited release of their debut EP Speak of the Devil on March 31, 2023.