The Christhunt (Shark Records, 1992) Mix Florida death metal, anti-romanticized Scandinavian blackness with South Africa’s Groinchurn and their unique take on grindcore, then pile on about as much reverb as you’ve ever heard in one place on Henri’s vocals in the process, and you’ve got an career opening salvo that’s as quirky as it is ferocious.


Jose Mangin is best known as the host of SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal radio show and has brought the attention of thousands of listeners to some of the most incredible and unique bands in the world. Having had over 40 of these Taco Metal Parties, featuring past performances from artists such as Stone Sour, Megadeth, and Jonathan Davis, this time New Zealand band Alien Weaponry and Ukrainian act Jinjer were on the list.

Exclusive Premiere of THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT’s New Song “Nothing Good Came Easy”

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT’S “NOTHING GOOD CAME EASY” ON OUTBURN.COM “Nothing Good Came Easy” is The Mendenhall Experiment’s anthem behind the band’s cause of raising disability awareness. It simply states that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, but “Nothing Good Came Easy’s” writing cred and honorable mention goes to the band’s former guitarist Mike Lira.


On May 13th of this year, Chuck Schuldiner would have been 52-years-old. Even though his physical presence is no longer with us, his memory lives on with his legendary band Death and the music they created.

Exclusive Premiere of DAMN NATION’s Video for “Would You Stay”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF DAMN NATION’S “WOULD YOU STAY” ON OUTBURN.COM “We all have a secret we hide from those around us. An inner devil we bury deep in the deeds of our better nature. We deny it but, it’ll always be there waiting to escape. We fear it will drive away the ones we love the most…so we ask them: Would You Stay?”

VADER 2.25.20 Club Sur, Seattle, WA

Godfathers of death metal, Poland’s Vader just wrapped up a month long tour of North America—their first here in almost three years. As luck would have it, it also happened to fall on big anniversaries of three of their most revered albums—De Profundis (25 years), Litany (20 years), and The Art of War (15 years), giving the band an excuse to bring out some deeper, older cuts on this run.

Exclusive Premiere of THE ALCHEMY’s New Video for “We’re All Just Criminals”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF THE ALCHEMY’S “WE’RE ALL JUST CRIMINALS” ON OUTBURN.COM “We’re All Just Criminals” is the second single from The Alchemy’s upcoming full-length record Chemical Daydream out November 8th on Standby Records.

EXCLUSIVE: TYLER STROETZEL Releases New Single “Flood the Gates” featuring Bjorn “Speed” Strid of...

“Flood the Gates” comes from the upcoming album Dark Verses, which releases on 6/22 on Tyler's own label, 31 Records, and was mixed and mastered by Joe Cocchi of Within The Ruins with additional engineering and tracking by Jim Fogarty (All That Remains, Killswitch Engage). “Flood the Gates” will be available everywhere digitally for sale and streaming at 6pm on June 6th (6/6/6pm).

RAY GUN: The Bible of Music & Style

And now, here it is, Ray Gun The Bible of Music & Style by Marvin Scott Jarrett (the founder of Ray Gun), from Rizzoli New York. With 256 pages, over 200 color and B&W photographs of the actual magazine pages, select interviews reproduced large enough to read, and contributions from Liz Phair, Wayne Coyne, Dean Kuipers, and Steve Heller…

SEAN REINERT: Metal Drumming Master

On January 24, the metal community lost a notable drummer. Sean Reinert truly revolutionized extreme metal drumming. Reinert introduced a progressive edge in metal drumming by mixing his jazz drumming background with death metal drumming techniques, such as blastbeats and double bass. If it wasn’t for Reinert, modern death metal drumming would be completely different.