Exclusive Stream: RITUAL EARTH’s Debut Album MMXX


Philadelphia psych-metal band Ritual Earth has release their debut MMXX on Iodine Recordings today, March 18. Order MMXX here.

MMXX was written and recorded in 2020 during the start of the first wave of COVID 19,” says the band. “We were able to mix the record remotely, and while that challenge made the process much longer than what we had hoped, it gave us the opportunity to really reflect and discuss everything that we wanted out of this record. We know that as a band, we aren’t just ‘heavy,’ there is much more to it than that and we wanted to make sure that those specific areas were equally highlighted. During this time we were reflecting on albums we grew up on, specifically albums that had fluidity from beginning to end while maintaining that specific mood. Welcome to Sky Valley, Badmotorfinger, Dark Side of the Moon, Loveless, and Disintegration are just a few that come to mind. And while this may be a diverse selection to pull influence from, they are all still very dark in their own way. This was the approach that we took for MMXX.

“When it came to releasing the vinyl, we wanted to make sure we partnered with someone that had that same level of passion and integrity equal to our approach to recording MMXX, especially for something that can be so personal and intimate as a vinyl record. We are very proud and honored to release this through Iodine Recordings, and with their partnership through Deathwish Inc, we are confident that this record will get into the hands of those who appreciate our style of heavy music. We hope you enjoy this and join us on the journey that is MMXX. Thank you.”

MMXX is erected on monolithic riffs and boasts pounding grooves. Emerging from the darkness of a collapsing nebula, Ritual Earth reverberates the electronic radiation of all things doom, space, and psychedelia. The songs are a different kind of heavy — slow, atmospheric, and dark. The album is comprised of seven dystopian transmissions set to the pulse of the dying universe to come. Fans of Kyuss, Elder, Nebula, and YOB, take note.

George Chamberlin — Vocals
Steve Mensick — Guitars
Chris Scott — Bass
Chris Turek — Drums