Influences & Essentials: THULCANDRA

Blackened death metal force Thulcandra will release their fifth studio album on May 19, 2023, entitled Hail The Abyss, via Napalm Records. The band’s forthcoming magnum opus proves yet again why they’re atop death metal’s malefic vedette. It showcases their affinity for dark, aggressive and mellifluous metal while the entire album rips and terrorizes with the intensity of hell. As always, Thulcandra’s about a vibe—there’s always a unique “feel” that’s distinctly old-school, but without the tired trappings of it. Guitarist/vocalist Steffen Kummerer tells us his biggest influences and Thulcandra’s essential songs to hear.


Dissection: “Night’s Blood”

A great composition with more ideas than some entire albums can offer. Dissection was the major influence when we founded Thulcandra back in 2003. Sharp riffing, unique melodies, thrash vibes, and a sheer never-ending storytelling arrangement made “Night’s Blood” and the first two records of the band dateless and immortal. 

Unanimated: “Life Demise”

While Dissection toured back in the day, Unanimated never left the underground and barely played live shows. The arrangements have been clear, focus on groove, and lurk into heavy metal every now and then. Especially, the vocal performance has been standing out to me and made “Live Demise” a must have within this genre. 

Sacramentum: “Fog’s Kiss”

The album Far Away from the Sun has been buried within the Swedish Underground for years—no repress available, no copies of any edition have been affordable for years. Century Media re-released the whole catalog a few years ago and made the record available again. Thankfully, even the band became active again and started to play selected shows a while ago. Sacramentum showcases unique riffing and arrangements that differ from all bands of the genre. Outstanding and simply a musical gift. 


“As I Walk Through the Gateway”

This particular song has been chosen to represent the new album Hail the Abyss as first single. We combined old and new, groove and melody, as well as a fast forward attitude with a rather fragile lead melody. All extremes combined have been melded into one composition with a flow and pushing vibe that works just brilliantly in a live setting. 

“Hail the Abyss” 

The title track of our new record, “Hail The Abyss,” turned into a mean and raw, old school tune that shows the roots of Thulcandra—black metal to the core, combined with death metal and a tad classic heavy metal. The video and chorus may become the cherry on the ice. “Hail The Abyss” shows everything the band has to offer.

“Spirit of the Night”

“Spirit of the Night” was taken from our debut album Fallen Angel’s Dominion from 2010 and became a must-have on all live shows. While the studio version has been recorded with a rather uptempo vibe, we slowed down on purpose in a live setting to gain a more heavy approach. “Spirit of the Night” has become the set closer for years and might stay until the end of the band.