Exclusive Premiere: GLAARE’s New Single “For Sale”


Glaare defies time and space by being in two places at once: Both in and of the moment while engaged in the dark dance of the 80s. “For Sale” is Siouxsie and Killing Joke locked into a death ballet, all black kohl and gleaming chrome, with choreography by Martin Gore. It’s the opening scene of The Hunger, set in 2022 with pink neon and an addictive beat. It’s brooding and airy, with just a hint of menace. But with the right kind of eyes, you can see beyond the darkness—and it all takes on the rosy hue of unlimited success.

“For Sale” is from the band’s album Your Hellbound Heart out April 30 via Weyrd Son Records.

Album Preorder: https://www.weyrdsonrecords.com/your-hell-bound-heart

Your Hellbound Heart, just like the book it’s named after, is the embodiment of pleasure granted to someone after a time of extreme torture. Its relation to the 80s classic movie Helllraiser, as well as countless other nostalgic stories involving familiar metaphors of life journeys, is most certainly not by accident either. Don’t be fooled by its synth heavy dance introduction. Behind the relentless party your face off, drive faster ‘till you crash tracks is anything but a story about a good time. This album is the perfect representation of what would have been running through Sarah Conner’s head while she did chin-ups in the looney bin. Waiting for the day that she gets her revenge on a world that’s gaslighting her. In fact, one of the songs is none other than “T2” in honor of the apocalyptic cautionary tale. The process for these California natives has always been no process at all. They firmly believe in letting the album write itself and just submit to what it wants as though it is an entity in and of itself that demands from its members the way a dictator would. If their first album To Deaf and Day was the aftermath of when your heart breaks, then its successor is the aftermath of when your mind breaks.

Founding members Brandon (Ancestors, Buried at Sea, Black Mare, Soft Kill) and Rachael, an experienced vocalist who spent her formative years demoing pop songs for major labels, form the central songwriting core. They are joined by Rex (Black Math Horseman, Animato) and Marisa (Wax Idols, Bizou) on guitar, bass, synth, percussion and backing vocals respectively.

Glaare has shared the stage with Clay Rendering, Second Still, Fearing, Ceremony and more. Their sophomore LP Your Hellbound Heart is out April 30 via Weyrd Son. Cherry picking the best elements of darkwave, dream pop and goth-rock, Glaare’s singular approach has made them stand out in the LA post-punk / darkwave scene that birthed them.