Exclusive Premiere: AGENT ENVY’s Debut Single & New Video of Deftones’ “My Own Summer”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF AGENT ENVY’S NEW VIDEO “MY OWN SUMMER” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Agent Envy is the musical persona of Alejandra Jiménez, an upcoming artist from Brooklyn, New York who leads a double life. Her sound combines a sensual allure with a hard-edged rock sound. Fittingly, Agent Envy’s debut single is an eerie cover of the Deftones’ classic, “My Own Summer.”


LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE COMPILATION BROWN ACID: THE ELEVENTH TRIP ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. This popular series is released in partnership between RidingEasy Records and Chicago/LA retailer Permanent Records and collects rare and unreleased 60s-70s pre-metal, pre-stoner rock singles.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New Music Video “Nothing Good Came Easy” (Acoustic) by THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT’S “NOTHING GOOD CAME EASY” (ACOUSTIC) ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM About the song, guitarist Brandon Mendenhall says, “‘Nothing Good Came Easy’ is our anthem that clearly states, the best things in life are some of life’s most challenging.”

Exclusive Premiere of DANCER’s Debut Single and Music Video for “Lost in Blue”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF DANCER’S NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LOST IN BLUE” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Formed from the ashes of Acadia, Portland alternative rockers Dancer have delivered their debut single, “Lost in Blue.” Heart-on-sleeve, piercing and unequivocally honest, “Lost in Blue” is a compelling arrival on the scene from the Maine quartet.

HEAVY AS TEXAS Chooses the Heaviest Riffs and Songs from Texas

Acclaimed guitarist Marzi Montazeri and vocalist Kyle Thomas—otherwise recognized as members of Louisiana based metal pioneers Exhorder—are thrilled to announce their brand new, whiskey-soaked,...


Bill Lustig didn't direct as many films as some of his horror and exploitation contemporaries, but he has one hell of a batting average. After all, the man was responsible for the grim slasher classic Maniac, the underrated 1996 horror jam Uncle Sam, as well as the Maniac Cop franchise.

Exclusive Premiere: THE HAUNT’s New Music Video “Love You Better”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE HAUNT’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LOVE YOU BETTER” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “Have you ever convinced yourself that you love someone when deep down you know they really aren’t right for you? That’s what ‘Love You Better’ is about.”

Nita Strauss’ Top 10 Halloween Themed Songs

Photo: Jeremy Saffer Nita…The Hurricane is unmistakable. Between shredding the stage with The Iron Maidens, Alice Cooper, her appearances with WWE, countless amazing tribute bands,...

Exclusive Premiere of LOYALTY TO ME’s New EP Clash // Coexist

WATCH & LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF LOYALTY TO ME’S NEW EP CLASH // COEXIST ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM New Jersey five-piece Loyalty To Me march towards the release of their debut EP on May 15th, with an arsenal of hook-laden, relatable and infectious alternative rock tunes. Dancing between 00’s emo and present day pop-fueled emo, Loyalty To Me offers an enticing prospect for fans across the alternative rock genre.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: “Flight” from ZAO’s Preface: Early Recordings 1995–1996

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF “FLIGHT” BY ZAO TAKEN FROM PREFACE: EARLY RECORDINGS 1995–1996 ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. “Flight” was the A-side of the very first Steadfast Records release back in 1995, a split 7-inch with Zao and Dayton HxC band Outcast.