SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC: Bands, Venues, Shows, Tours & More

In February and March of 2020, European thrash fans got one of the best tours in history: The Bay Strikes Back European Tour. This tour was a collection of the Bay Area’s best and most legendary thrash bands: Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel. Unfortunately, the tour had many setbacks, such as multiple musicians being diagnosed with COVID-19, the deadly respiratory virus that’s sweeping the globe.

Exclusive Premiere of ZEISTENCROIX’s New Music Video for “Fallen Prophet”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF ZEISTENCROIX’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “FALLEN PROPHET” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Zeistencroix, the post industrial band from Los Angeles, California, has released their new video “Fallen Prophet,” the third single of their album Gen Z presented under the label of Sliptrick Records at the end of the last year.

ABBATH: 10.20.19 The Strand Providence, RI

Legendary black metal icon Abbath brought his eponymously named band Abbath to the smallest state in the United States, and the show was anything but little. Well known for his tenure as the frontman of Immortal, when Abbath broke off to form his own band, the question on the minds of Immortal and Abbath fans alike was, “How will Abbath do on his own, and how will Immortal do with out Abbath?”

Exclusive Premiere of BELLA KELLY’s Debut Single and Video for “Throat”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF BELLA KELLY’S NEW VIDEO “THROAT” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. The invigorating gothic-trap anthem “Throat” resonates with outsiders because BELLA casts her lot with them, alone with the alone.

Wednesday 13 Picks the Top 10 Most Metal Moments in Horror

We caught up with the shock rocking king of horror to have him tell us what his Top 10 most metal moments in horror are. And here are some bloody excellent selections from Wednesday 13.

Exclusive Premiere of DAMN NATION’s Video for “Would You Stay”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF DAMN NATION’S “WOULD YOU STAY” ON OUTBURN.COM “We all have a secret we hide from those around us. An inner devil we bury deep in the deeds of our better nature. We deny it but, it’ll always be there waiting to escape. We fear it will drive away the ones we love the most…so we ask them: Would You Stay?”

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: “Flight” from ZAO’s Preface: Early Recordings 1995–1996

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF “FLIGHT” BY ZAO TAKEN FROM PREFACE: EARLY RECORDINGS 1995–1996 ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. “Flight” was the A-side of the very first Steadfast Records release back in 1995, a split 7-inch with Zao and Dayton HxC band Outcast.

Exclusive Premiere of THE VENOMOUS PINKS’ New Video for “Hold On”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF THE VENOMOUS PINKS’S “HOLD ON” ON OUTBURN.COM About the song “Hold On,” the band says, “It’s a coming of age punk anthem that gives a lifeline for those struggling to keep a dream alive.”

MR. BUNGLE: The Night They Came Home: A Virtual Live Concert Experience 10.31.2020

The Night They Came Home: A Virtual Live Concert Experience was shot at the Eureka Public Library on Halloween, as the stage set-up was decorated with bookcases, hardwood floors, and various props.

LIVING DEAD GIRL: Virtual Christmas Show 12.12.2020

Living Dead Girl put on a no-frills Christmas acoustic performance with proceeds benefiting the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society in Peterborough, Ontario. Consisting of one half of Living Dead Girl—vocalist Rennick and guitarist John Ellis—playing a couple of acoustic versions of songs from the band’s upcoming album.