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Exclusive Premiere: The Sinfully Satirical “Sell Your Soul” Music Video from WE’RE WOLVES

Horror rock band We’re Wolves released their hellish new music video and single for “Sell Your Soul,” straight from the underworld and into your headphones. The track is a sinful snippet into the depths of We’re Wolves’ upcoming full length album Evil Things set to release on October 22nd.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single and Music Video “Space Doge” from ALUXES

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF ALUXES’ NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO “SPACE DOGE” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Kentucky melodic post-hardcore/alternative rock outfit Aluxes has launched a new single “Space Doge.”

Exclusive Premiere: SEETHING AKIRA’s New Music Video “Dysfunctional Wonderland”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “DYSFUNCTIONAL WONDERLAND” FROM SEETHING AKIRA ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Seething Akira brings the sonic fury with their latest masterwork of heavy and melodic songwriting on “Dysfunctional Wonderland.”

Track by Track: The First Four Songs from Alternative Rock Project 09’s New Album...

Portland collaborative project 09 sees EJ Olson and Chancelor Reeder bring a breath of fresh air to the scene, joining forces with a cross section of lauded vocalists to break down genre walls.

Exclusive Premiere: SATELLITE CITI’s New Music Video “Reaper”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “REAPER” FROM SATELLITE CITI ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. With a sci-fi theme, special effects, and a guest spot from Deadskull, “Reaper” is the Satellite Citi's latest music video.

Exclusive Premiere: ARTUSHA’s New Single and Official Lyric Video “Death to Life”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW SINGLE AND LYRIC VIDEO “DEATH TO LIFE” FROM ARTUSHA ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Artusha is a finely tuned groove metal quartet that doesn’t strictly adhere to the boundaries of genre.

HELLA MEGA TOUR: The Interrupters, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Green Day 8.27.21 Oracle Park,...

On August 27th, the Hella Mega Tour hit the Bay Area with The Interrupters, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and hometown band Green Day. Due to the pandemic, this show had been rescheduled, but the wait was definitely worth it.

Exclusive Premiere: RAIZER’s New Single and Official Lyric Video for “Sharp”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE NEW SINGLE AND LYRIC VIDEO “SHARP” FROM RAIZER ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Loaded with bouncy rhythms, impactful guitar riffs, and a powerful vocal delivery, “Sharp” delivers everything fans love about Raizer in a concise, high-energy package.

Influences and Essentials: A Beginners Guide to BOKASSA by Frontman Jørn Kaarstad

Norway’s hottest upstarts BOKASSA has finally released its long-awaited new album, Molotov Rocktail via Napalm Records. In his own words, frontman Jørn Kaarstad tells us his influences and Bokassa’s essential songs.

BEARTOOTH WITH WAGE WAR 8.17.21 Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA

The band entered and immediately ripped into their first song as the super energetic frontman Caleb Shomo came running out on stage, with a Slayer shirt and bandana around his forehead.