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Movie Review: SPLIT SECOND (1992)

The MVD Blu-ray doesn’t miss ANY opportunities when it comes to the extras, however, as this disc is completely packed to the gills. For starters, there’s a fun audio commentary from film historian Mike Leeder and filmmaker Arne Venema that is pretty much non-stop from the jump, with both men dropping factoids and having great fun watching the film along the way.

Exclusive Premiere: BOY BECOMES HERO’s New Album Escape Artist

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF BOY BECOMES HERO’S NEW ALBUM ESCAPE ARTIST ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. Boy Becomes Hero is a post-hardcore outfit from Michigan created by Andrew Brittingham (multi-instrumentalist, vocalist) that delivers thrashing anthems and melodic breakdowns.

Exclusive Premiere: LIMBS New Video “I Used To Be You”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF LIMBS’ NEW VIDEO FOR “I USED TO BE YOU” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. “‘I Used To Be You’ was written as a reflection of my past, riddled with toxic relationships, substance abuse and struggling to cope with the loss of my father.”

LAMB OF GOD 9.18.20 Worldwide Streaming Event

Since tours, festivals, and concerts have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, Lamb of God decided to do the next best thing by hosting an exclusive global streaming headline performance broadcasted from a studio in Richmond, Virginia on Friday, September 18.

Exclusive Premiere: FLIGHT CLUB’s New Video for “Adolescence”

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Flight Club is a four piece rock ‘n’ roll band that isn't afraid to get loud. Pulling influence from their Southern roots, the group takes the gritty blues and classic rock tones they were raised on and adds a dose of punk rock intensity.

Exclusive Premiere: MODEL STRANGER’s New Video for “Breaks My Heart”

Model Stranger is currently promoting their upcoming LP Phases. The first single “Breaks My Heart” proves the band’s skill. The song also show’s off the trio’s range and ability, as a softer bridge juxtaposes perfectly with the fast-paced verses and refrain.

Exclusive Premiere: TALIA’s New Album Whores on Parade

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF TALIA’S NEW ALBUM WHORES ON PARADE ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. LA/Paris rockers Talia will be dropping the band’s fourth studio album, Whores on Parade, on Friday, September 11 via Manic Kat Records.

BEHEMOTH 9.5.20 In Absentia Dei, Poland

In Absentia Dei was performed at a church in Poland, the same church where Behemoth filmed the music video for “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel.” This entire set was filmed in 4K and was absolutely beautiful. The concert also included an hour-long pre-show that featured a set from avant-garde metal band Imperial Triumphant performing at The Slipper Room Cabaret in New York City.

WHEN TOURING STOPS: Musicians Find Other Ways to Work

All of the tours have been canceled this year, and unfortunately, bands can’t get by on album and merch sales alone. Taking away touring is equivalent to taking away a musician’s livelihood. The touring loss also affects crew members, such as tour managers, techs, front of house, merchandising managers, drivers, lighting professionals, and more. On top of that, it doesn’t seem like this pandemic is easing anytime soon.

Exclusive Premiere: PROPHETS New Video for “Perfect”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF PROPHETS’ NEW VIDEO FOR “PERFECT” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM. “This song in particular means a lot to me personally. I wrote ‘Perfect’ about toxic relationships, especially one that I was in where my significant other would continue to give me reasons to leave."