Exclusive Premiere of CLIO CADENCE’s Video for “Drive”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF CLIO CADENCE’S “DRIVE” ON OUTBURN.COM “Drive is a song about the struggle to stand up for yourself and leave a relationship that has become toxic. Sometimes we get trapped by possessions, people, and worry about what others will think. Sometimes you have to leave everything behind to save yourself,” says Clio Cadence.


I really cannot think of a more iconic, revolutionary, controversial, and monumental band in industrial metal music history than Ministry. To me, the band itself is so deeply rooted and encompassed in the visual aspect of music that it comes as no surprise that throughout the band’s impressive history there is enough content to fill an entire book. Quite a long sentence there, aye? Ministry’s history is even longer than that, I promise.

Exclusive Premiere of NEW LINGO’s Video for “Memory Lane”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF NEW LINGO’S MEMORY LANE ON OUTBURN.COM “This song is about people dealing with the traumas they have experienced in their lives and the helplessness you feel when dealing with them alone.” – Joe Glenk/Singer

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST 2.24.20 The Webster Underground, Hartford, CT

The lights dimmed and the energy of the crowd intensified with anticipation for the New England local, Great American Ghost. The band released their third LP Power Through Terror just 10 days before the show, giving fans plenty of time to learn every lyric.

Exclusive Premiere of THE VENOMOUS PINKS’ New Video for “Hold On”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE OF THE VENOMOUS PINKS’S “HOLD ON” ON OUTBURN.COM About the song “Hold On,” the band says, “It’s a coming of age punk anthem that gives a lifeline for those struggling to keep a dream alive.”

FORGOTTEN LORE: 20 Essential Metal Compilation Albums

The compilation album is a lost art, a relic from the not so distant past when labels needed an efficient and ear catching way of exposing listeners to their latest rosters of talent. Today’s hyperconnected culture means that new artists possess more choices than ever when it comes to platforms for sharing their music.

SEPTEMBER MOURNING 2.16.20 The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY

From the fog filled darkness emerges a female figure dressed in white, angelic and surreal. There is something mystical about her, one can not avert their eyes. Is she even real? Is she of this Earth? As she begins to sing the most angelic yet tormented tones, it is quickly realized this is no ordinary rock show. This is September Mourning.


To coincide with the recent release of Posehn’s Grandpa Metal, special guest contributor Brian Posehn writes about his Top 10 Most Comic Metal Songs, which include Anthrax, Spinal Tap, S.O.D., Steel Panther, Tenacious D, and more!

HEILUNG 1.29.20 Webster Hall New York, NY

Cloaked in darkness, a single robed figure appears with a smoking chalice. He makes his way across the stage, slowly but with purpose, fanning the sage over the stage and out toward the crowd as a near perfect silence envelopes the room. More appear in the mist, clad in robes, adorned with bells, bones, and antlers.


The Christhunt (Shark Records, 1992) Mix Florida death metal, anti-romanticized Scandinavian blackness with South Africa’s Groinchurn and their unique take on grindcore, then pile on about as much reverb as you’ve ever heard in one place on Henri’s vocals in the process, and you’ve got an career opening salvo that’s as quirky as it is ferocious.