Influences and Essentials: BLIND CHANNEL

Blind Channel enthusiastically describes their music as “violent pop.” One listen to their bombastic and melodic nü-metal revival reveals the Finnish band delivers on that promise. Already a sensation in Europe and the United Kingdom, Finland’s biggest contemporary rock export adds world domination to their to-do list with the captivating Exit Emotions

Destined to enthrall pop rock, hip-hop, and aggressive metal devotees in equal measure, Exit Emotions is a brilliant follow-up to Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous, the epic 2022 album recommended to fans of Bring Me the Horizon, Linkin Park, and Hollywood Undead. Songs like “Flatline,” “Happy Doomsday,” and “Deadzone” reach beyond the confines of metalcore and alt-rock with a combination of huge pop hooks and crushing riffs.


30 SECONDS TO MARS: “Beautiful Lie” 

This was the first song Joel, Joonas, and Tommi started jamming in their high school. Soon after that the band was put up together. First summer as a band we all saw 30STM live in Helsinki.


This track came out about the same time Blind Channel was formed. These guys are pioneers. Sempiternal is absolutely one of the most meaningful metal albums of these decades. This is one of the first concerts we saw in 2013 in our small home town in the Northern Finland.

LINKIN PARK: “In the End” 

This song was playing at the high school house party where we became friends. Niko was rapping the verses, and we asked him to join the band. In the first rehearsal, we played this song with Niko in the keyboards.


The song that inspired Niko to start rapping and screaming at the same time. Twenty One Pilots’ lyrical world building is a major influence to our album making.

EMINEM “Lose Yourself” 

This is the first cover song we’ve ever played live. The very first time on our very first gig. We love rap music, and Eminem is a super talented pioneer. Our biggest song “Dark Side” was inspired by Eminem in 8 Mile.


“Dark Side”

Our first global hit with 70 million streams. We owe so much to this track, and it was a turning point in our story. This track is a great example of a Blind Channel song. Modern and bouncy nu metal track, R&B vibes, and a catchy chorus.

“Where’s the Exit”

We wanted to go a bit heavier on the new album. We managed to write one of our all-time favorite tracks, which is opening the album. Crumbling riffs with a bit of industrial vibes, a catchy chorus, and the outro, which blows your head off. Definitely one of the best live tracks as well. 


We saw Blind Channel could fill stadiums not only in Europe but all over the world. “Phobia” has stepped up as a fan favorite of our new album, and we totally understand why. This song was written for the big stadiums, with pyros raining down from the roof of the stage. We love this track, and it also has a pretty deep meaning behind it that everyone can relate to. XOXO feat. 

“From Ashes to New” 

This song is the flagship of the modern nu metalcore. Two rising bands from Europe and the US who’ve been inspired by the greatest metal acts of 2000’s. XOXO will suck you in, and you just can’t resist it. 


Blind Channel 2.0 and the dear cousin of “Dark Side.” Most of our idols are from North America, and you can definitely hear those vibes on this one. Deadzone is #27 track on the mainstream rock airplay chart. It perfectly underlines the combo of the two singers in our band. This has been the most important track on our way to the North American market. We love to perform it live as well.