This Is the Final Boss: DAEDRIC Releases Mortal Deluxe Edition

If you thought Daedric’s release of Mortal was complete back in August of 2023, strap in. The ride is about to get a rocky. Daedric has released their Mortal Deluxe and it’s now available across all DSPs from FiXT


Mortal Deluxe is the final quest. An immense experience the listener deserves and a rousing conclusion to my debut installment” says Daedric.

While the original was a full blown high octane ride the deluxe edition adds electrifying remixes from both SWARM, known for his dark EDM, and Voicians, known for his Drum & Bass Rock creations, as well as an electrifying reimagined version of “Only.” 

“I’m very grateful to SWARM and Voicians for their incredible remixes of ’Alchemy’ and ’Coldharbour,’” explains Daedric. “I really feel that it completes my vision for Mortal as a full-spectrum musical journey. From Metal, Electronic, Pop and Rock. It’s all there.”