Nergal of BEHEMOTH Launches Ordo Blasfemia to Defend Polish Artists

Behemoth frontman Nergal has launched a crowdfunding campaign at GoFundMe to assist Polish artists, including himself, who have been charged with blasphemy in their home country. The Ordo Blasfemia fund will aid with defense fees and court costs for those who have “offended religious feelings” as outlined in Paragraph 196 of the Polish Criminal Code.


On Facebook, Adam Nergal Darski posted the following: “Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far! If you cannot donate, please spread the word and shine some light on what is happening in Poland in 2021. We’re artists and our job requires freedom of expression // we’re artists and we’re facing prison and heavy financial sanctions for simply ‘offending religious feelings.’ I have been fighting my own battles for over 10 years…now they’ll see that I’m not alone!”

The GoFundMe page for Nergal’s Ordo Blasfemia Fund says: “My name is Nergal and I am an artist from Poland. For over a decade I have been confronted with numerous attempts to permanently destroy my career on the basis that I have harmed ‘religious feelings’. It sounds absurd and I can assure you, it is.

Many Polish artists, including myself, have been dragged into court rooms, at our own significant costs, to defend ourselves against nonsensical blasphemy laws made by tenuous Politicians. Their intent is to censor anyone who does not conform to the archaic religious laws of our country. The time has come for Polish artists to fight back – join us in the Ordo Blasfemia.’

Your donation will help fund a sustainable legal challenge to squash the existing and incoming bogus prosecutions. Help us reach the target so we can distribute to other artists facing their own legal challenges.

If you are unable to donate – thank you for your support. Please keep checking back in and sharing updates!”