GREG PUCIATO: “Fuck Content” A Streaming Event 12.11.2020


With numerous tour postponements, concert cancellations, and social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bands have had to get creative with their musical projects. One of the most popular ways that artists have been able to perform recently is by putting on live internet streaming events. Live streams have become the norm these days and will probably stay that way for a while due to the uncertainty of this ongoing global pandemic.

On Friday, December 11, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Greg Puciato (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen, Killer Be Killed) broadcasted his pre-recorded “live stream” event, “Fuck Content,” which merges visual art, audio, interviews, live performance and studio footage together in an innovative way. Compared to recent live concert streams from other artists, “Fuck Content” is a more creative adventure with a black and white documentary film feel with multimedia effects and abstract interludes. Ten of the 15 tracks performed for this event from Greg’s recently released debut solo record Child Soldier: Creator of God were performed here, plus four new studio songs (“Absence as a Presence,” “Don’t Wanna Deal,” “Crazy All Around,” and “Lying at the Bottom of the Sky”).

Kicking off the stream is “Heaven of Stone,” the opening track on his new record. The acoustic ditty opens with Greg and his guitarist sitting on stools on a fog filled stage in front of a screen with what appears to be rippling waves. The chaotic “Creator of God” was up next with the studio video effects added to give more of a devastating atmosphere to the frantic feedback and static fuzz samples. “Absence as a Presence,” a new studio track, rumbles with fuzzy bass lines and soaring melodic guitar melodies, decorated with Greg’s amazing escalating vocals. Another new track, “Don’t Wanna Deal,” contains a punk fueled rhythmic drive with aggressive vocals that will get your blood pumping.

“Down When I’m Not” has an explosive punky vibe, decorated with wailing melodies, thumping bass lines, and a driving rhythm section, which gives off an alt/electro/new wave-ish vibe, while the angst-ridden “Roach Hiss,” with its pounding drums, thumping bass, and angry harsh vocals with the repeated mantra of “Maybe grow a prick and go fuck yourself,” is a fuel charged banger of a track. Another new track, the lush and melodic “Crazy All Around,” possesses reverb picked guitar melodies, lush vocal harmonies, and a catchy chorus before exploding with aggressive, razor-sharp riffing and harsher vocals, while “Fireflies,” decorated with electronica synth melodies, sampled snare drum effects, and 80s pop vocals, makes this one of the most diverse tracks on the new record—Greg and the band give a passionate and emotional performance. Ditto goes for the eclectic and energetic “Evacuation.” The melancholic “September City” and melodic new track “Lying at the Bottom of the Sky” close out the performance with heartfelt emotion as the credits roll.

There was a lot of black and white footage with gritty video effects, frantic camera angles, flashing strobe lights, and hard film cuts. The hour-plus long segment was similar to watching a music video/DVD instead of a live performance. It was filmed and recorded in the studio, with proper video editing. The production was tight, especially the new studio tracks, reminiscent of an actual release. And it sounded great throughout the entire show.

“Fuck Content” will be made available for 48 hours after the original airing. The “Fuck Content” event also offered exclusive merchandise, including one of a kind windbreakers, hats, and special edition vinyl. Fans will also be able to purchase a Blu-ray version of the event.

“Fuck Content” Set List:
1. “Heaven of Stone”
2. “Creator of God”
3. “Absence As a Presence” (studio)
4. “Fire For Water”
5. “Deep Set”
6. “Do You Need Me to Remind You?/Absence” snippet
7. “Don’t Wanna Deal” (studio)
8. “Down When I’m Not”
9. “Roach Hiss”
10. “Crazy All Around” (studio)
11. “Fireflies”
12. “Evacuation”
13. “September City”
14. “Lying at the Bottom of the Sky” (studio)

Chris Hornbrook (drums)
Nick Rowe (guitar and keys)
Jeff Geisser (bass)
Steve Evetts (producer in studio)