HEARTS & HAND GRENADES Incinerate Their Comfort Zone with New “Turning To Ashes” Music Video

Buffalo New Wave of Classic Rock band Hearts & Hand Grenades has revealed a new music video and single for the title track off their forthcoming album, Turning To Ashes. The video was directed by Charles Butera.

“Turning To Ashes” is the third single and title track from the band’s new full-length album Turning To Ashes, which drops worldwide on January 8, 2021 via Eclipse Records.

“This song is about being held back by the circumstances surrounding you and facing a decision to break out of your comfort zone, move forward into the unknown, and leave the past behind you” says frontwoman Stephanie Wlosinski. “‘Turning To Ashes’ is a relatable song for everyone I think, so we wanted the intensity of the music to match that of the fire theme that happens throughout the video.”

Guitarist Mike Bress adds, “The fire theme throughout the video fits well with the chorus of the song, ‘the bridge is burned that leads me home and I’m turning to ashes,’ so we wanted to visually represent that at some point you’ve got to move ahead, take risks, otherwise there’s no change for rewards in life… sometimes indecision is going to leave you burned.”

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