APOCALYPTICA and LACUNA COIL, San Francisco, CA, Regency Ballroom, 04.17.22

San Francisco, CA
Regency Ballroom


Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil performed live on Easter Sunday in San Francisco, and it was a sight to see and hear at the Regency Ballroom. The crowd was full of diehard fans of both bands, and the enthusiasm in the room was electric. Both Lacuna Coil and Apocalyptica got the crowd moving and singing along with every song.

Lacuna Coil hasn’t performed in the US since 2019, and the crowd was full of energy and beyond excited during their set. The band performed a lot of great songs like “Our Truth,” “Trip the Darkness,” and “Save Me.”

Headlining the show was Finland’s Apocalyptica, and when the band came on stage, the crowd went crazy. Apocalyptica consists of three classically trained cellists and a jazz drummer. Although most of their songs are instrumental, some do have singing, and Franky Perez, who did vocals from 2014–2016, was on this tour to perform those songs.

Apocalyptica was promoting their album Cell-0 that was released in 2020. When you think of classically trained cellists, you don’t think of a show with a ton of movement and thrills, but that’s exactly what this performance was. The band moved around a lot, constantly switching places and engaging with the crowd. They performed songs with Franky Perez, like “I’m Not Jesus” and “I Don’t Care,” and also played songs like “Grace” and “Scream for the Silent.” Towards the end of their set, Apocalyptica did a few covers from Metallica, Sepultura, and Edvard Grieg. Overall, it was a great show, and for the fans of both Lacuna Coil and Apocalyptica, this was a long-awaited opportunity to see them on tour in the US.