Into the Grey



POST-BLACK METAL: A worthy member of the US post-black metal scene, Nullingroots’ sprawling sound makes for constantly compelling and frequently unpredictable listening. Comprised of five songs, all but one of these passing the 11 minute mark, every part of every track is necessary to paint the broader picture. When wielding the frosty hardness associated with black metal, they attack with suitable gusto, and the squalling riffs shot through opener “Subsistence” and the often brutish “Aqua” are particularly cutting, yet the overwhelming feel of the record is one of warmth. Tapping into an Explosions in the Sky or perhaps Caspian-esque vein of post-rock, they frequently evoke an inviting sense of melancholy and even nostalgic optimism. This is perhaps most evident on standout “The Morning That Killed the World,” which weaves a seductive spell over 12 and a half minutes. This track too has its more abrasive passages, yet they are profoundly counterpointed by sections that are frankly best described as gorgeous, even bringing the likes of early Afghan Whigs and Appleseed Cast to mind in their lower key moments. The closing title track is, of course, also deeply moving, a mournful air permeating it, and this too covers a lot of ground, emotional and sonic, and remains captivating for every moment. ~ Dan Slessor