JINJER: Cloud Factory

Cloud Factory



EXPLOSIVE VERSATILE METAL: Re-releasing its 2014 sophomore album Cloud Factory through Napalm certainly will provide plenty more opportunity for notoriety for Ukrainian metallers Jinjer. A dizzying hybrid of metalcore, groove metal, nu metal, and djent, Jinjer is a frustratingly tough band to peg down categorically, but one that shakes the tree of inspiration when it comes to crafting and releasing punishing metal. With the addition of two bonus live tracks, the retooled Cloud Factory reintroduces metalheads to the most varied collection of Jinjer tracks to date. Deep cuts like “Who Is Gonna Be the One” is a ferocious blend of styles, closing out with an unexpected yet oddly fitting jazz ska fusion. Frantic guitars and relentless double kick pedal underscore kickoff track “Outlander,” which features explosive vocalist Tatiana Shymailyuk serving up both melodic clean vocals and harsh, piercing growls. Shymailyuk’s range and the intensity of her bandmates are on full display in “A Plus or a Minus” (which features impressive guitar work from Roman Ibramkhalilov), mosh pit ready “No Hoard of Value,” and the relentless self-titled track. Of particular interest is the protest-like “Zhelayu Znachit Poluchu,” sung entirely in Russian. While there may be an over-abundance of complexity and cross-genre meddling to appease traditionalists, Cloud Factory is a ripping statement of a group with full grip on what their artistry means and how they intend to use it. ~ Dillon Collins