ELECTRO METALCORE: Electric Callboy has been one of those bands that has made a lot of noise for the past decade, for better or for worse. Winning countless awards and amassing large amounts of attention over the past two years, Electric Callboy has managed to grow and mature its sound in a genre that isn’t necessarily new by any means, but the band has reinvented themselves despite of that. While 2019’s Rehab stayed true to their electric-core elements, their new release, Tekkno, shows the band in its stylistic top form, yet still embracing their fun side.

One of the reasons Tekkno works is because they know the music genre they are writing for and are self-aware of how they are presenting it to their listeners. Highlights like high-octane electro metalcore moments like “Pump It” and pop-punk/metalcore delight “Fuckboi” featuring Conquer Divide towards the beginning of the record display this perfectly. There is a running joke throughout this album, and given the reputation of the party genre, which is frequently crude, this is not the case for Tekkno. If you are here for hilarity and good party tunes, Tekkno does this. 

“Mindreader” continues the momentum with its metallic trance-core energy and massive grinding guitars, leading into the standout syrupy sweet, techno infused“Arrows of Love.” Full of hefty guitar lines and synth pop electronic bliss, it keeps the energy at an all-time high while showing a band eager to experiment and broaden their horizons. 

Continuing the band’s exploration of different genres, “Tekkno Train” brings in classic dancehall resonance, colored in with addicting choruses, while the contentious track “Hurrikan” spices things up with its deathcore energies and destructive breakdowns. 

Tekkno concludes with the best experience on the record, an infectious 80s tinged, synth metalcore finale, “Neon.” Showing that Electric Callboy has evolved in a new direction since their last release, Tekkno has revitalized the band’s sound within the genre, showing positive growth. ~ Sammie Star