Will Putney Will Host the WE CAN DO BETTER STREAMING BENEFIT on June 14

Veteran musician and producer Will Putney will host the We Can Do Better Streaming Benefit on June 14. Starting at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST, the streaming event will feature many prolific artists and industry professionals, who will do live Q&A forums and different discussions.

“People look up to artists, they have a powerful voice that can transcend age, race, gender, etc. Universal messages that preach civility through music can resonate with anyone on a deeply emotional level,” explains Putney.

The artists on this panel are not only musicians and music industry professionals, but they’re all humans from multiple different backgrounds. There’s a reason why Putney chose this diverse group to participate in the panel. “I think with any complex social issue, one group of people is not going to be able to solve the problems without the help of another. We need to listen to the perspectives and wisdom of people from all walks of life to stay informed and understand how to find common ground and solutions to these ingrained cultural issues.”

The ACLU preserves and protects the liberties and guarantees to each individual outlined by the Bill of Rights. This includes freedom of speech and expression, equal protection under the law, criminal justice rights, and the right to personal privacy.

You can join in on the event by clicking this link. A minimum $10 donation is required and all proceeds go to the ACLU. All participants will be entered into a raffle.

Stream URL: https://www.soundrink.live/
ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/

Participants include:
Ice-T (Body Count)
Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)
Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose)
Matt Heafy (Trivium)
Kurt Ballou (Converge/God City)
Andrew Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder)
Tom Williams (Stray From The Path)
Scott Vogel (Terror)
Todd Jones (Nails)
Buddy Nielson (Senses Fail)
Alan Day and Dan O’Connor (Four Year Strong)
Josh Smith (Northlane)
Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves/God Forbid)
Anthony Martini (E-Town Concrete/Commission)
Patrick Sheridan (Fit For An Autopsy)
Brendan Garrone (Incendiary)
James Pligge (Harms Way)
Brendan Murphy (Counterparts/END)
Ethan Harrison (Great American Ghost)
Mark Lewis (Producer)
Anthony DiDio (Vein)
Monte Conner (Nuclear Blast)
Justin Louden (Closed Casket Activities)
Carl Severson (Ferret/Good Fight Music)
Equal Vision Records
Pure Noise Records
Nuclear Blast
Relapse Records
Closed Casket Activities
Good Fight Entertainment
Ferret Records
Liquid Metal
Metal Injection
Evil Greed
+ More TBA