UK Thrash Metal Powerhouse EVILE Releases Video for New Single “The Thing (1982)”

This Friday, April 30 will see British thrash metal heavyweights EVILE release their brand new studio album, Hell Unleashed, via Napalm Records—the band’s first album in eight long years! Since their formation in 2004, EVILE have been turning heads and taking names, delivering four pure thrash offerings blended with an uncompromising death metal assault. Hell Unleashed, the long-awaited successor to their 2013 release Skull, will make no exception – but this time, the album features a new exciting lineup formation of Ol Drake on vocals/guitars and new member Adam Smith of RipTide as rhythm guitarist.

Today, the band has released a final single before the album drops—the thunderous new track “The Thing (1982).” Intoxicating guitars build up to an unconditional, heavy storm of thrash metal: “The Thing (1982)” and its razor-sharp arrangement delivers another rousing aspect of EVILE’s new album. Bold cinematic influences merge with breakneck speed riffs and Ol Drake’s brute, unyielding vocals, highlighting EVILE’s potent musical expertise.

EVILE vocalist/guitarist Ol Drake comments:
“The third and final single from Hell Unleashed is not only based on my favorite movie of all time, but it’s a strong contender for my favorite song off the album. This track goes through so many cool changes, with frenetic vocals which mirror the subject matter, and we couldn’t be prouder of not only this song, but the entire album it’s featured on. Blast ‘The Thing’ as loud as you can!”