ELECTRONIC NU-CORE: Since the beginning in 2018, Portsmouth, UK band Seething Akira has always had an explosive confidence that defies expectations when it comes to their intense electronic nu-core soundscapes. From their first album, Sleepy Skeletor, the band proved that they had the dominant staying power that would continue forward to their 2021 full release, Dysfunctional Wonderland. Now the band has a brand new energy with their third album, Nozomi

From the beginning, Seething Akira ventures into the atmospheric landscapes of melodic orchestral vocals that intermingle sweetly into an electronic guise, then segues into their first kaleidoscopically aggressive moment, “Never Permanent.” Showing off the band’s cunning use of multigenre wit within the first listening experience, Nozomi starts off with an engagingly imposing first impression. 

Electropop infused highlight, “Metaphor,” is a source of candy coated fury as the album gains momentum for the next few heavy hitting moments that manifest on the record, with titanic junctures “Internal Antagonist” and pummeling electrocore fused “Something in the Water.” Showing that the band has taken the time to hone their skills since Dysfunctional Wonderland, most of the tracks up to this point are laser focused and multidimensional in their delivery—a huge step up from their previous record. 

“Punishment Instructions” and “Dioxide” continue to subdue the listener with relentlessly impactful guitar lines combined with an effectively strong blend of dynamic electronic elements. “Reason to Breathe” offers a nice emotionally denuded change of pace before concluding with a semi-acoustic finale, “Stars.” Beautifully showcasing the band’s use of celestial and stripped-down elements for the final moment, Nozomi comes to a satisfactory close. 

Nozomi displays a drastic change in such a short amount of time for Seething Akira in a good way. Showcasing a dissonant use of instrumental fortitude and an intense, emotional lyrical focus on the human condition and its response to hope, Seething Akira has put together an impressive body of tracks that displays just how talented the UK band is. ~ Sammie Star