HUNTSMEN: American Scrap

American Scrap



AMERICANA METAL: Chicago’s Huntsmen blends Americana storytelling with the metal muscle of bands such as Neurosis, Red Fang, and High on Fire on its debut full-length American Scrap. On its eight tracks, everything from folk, metal, sludge, doom, and stoner rock is explored. The one minute opener, “Bury Me Deep,” is where Pink Floyd meets Temple of the Dog, decorated with warm vocals, emotional lyrics, and some sweet guitar and vocal harmony interplay. It’s the perfect opening chapter to the album while it seamlessly merges into the acoustic guitar pattern of the seven minute “Pyre,” which slowly builds from its solemn and moody template with the doominess of Lord Dying with a stoner rock vibe of Fu Manchu. The fantastic a cappella vocal harmonies of “Canary King” carries its thought-provoking lyrics about early 20th century coal miners with some throaty vocals, giving the track a vivid cinematic element. Instrumentals “Interlude A – Shipwrecked” and “Interlude B – Insurrection” serve as eerie interludes between the vocal tracks. The post-rock fury of “Atlantic City” and the shapeshifting “The Barrens,” play to pleasing results, while the album’s epic closer “The Last President,” featuring guest vocalist and fellow Chicagoan, Aimee Bueno, tells a chilling story, proving to be the perfect ending to the album. ~ Kelley Simms