Influences and Essentials: OUTLINE IN COLOR

Post-hardcore band Outline In Color released their frenzied new record Coast Is Clear on October 14 via Thriller Records. Here are the tracks that have influenced Outline In Color as a band and some of their own favorite songs.

Influences & Essentials: KID KAPICHI

Kid Kapichi’s new album, Here’s What You Could Have Won, is available now on Spinefarm Records. Their best songs explore racism, in-work poverty, mental health, violence, frustration, and all-consuming love with honesty and humor.

Exclusive Premiere: The New Single and Music Video for “Immortal Love: Resurrection” from VAMPIRES...

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!’S NEW MUSIC VIDEO “IMMORTAL LOVE: RESURRECTION” ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “I made sure this new rendition encompassed the essence of the original, yet added a fresh new vibe”

How Much Can You Earn as a Music Teacher? 

Do you have a passion for music and want to share it with others? You may want to consider a career as a music teacher. Keep reading to explore how much you can earn as a music teacher.

HALESTORM, THE WARNING, and NEW YEARS DAY, Atlanta, GA, The Eastern 09.26.2022

Halestorm, The Warning, and New Years Day hit the road on September 21st, 2022 starting at Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, AL. New Year’s Day didn’t make it due to mechanical problems with their tour bus, but on September, 26th all three bands brought their A game.

Exclusive Premiere: ANTIPOPE’s New Music Video “Twilight of the Grey Gods”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO “TWILIGHT OF THE GREY GODS” FROM ANTIPOPE ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Antipope, Finland’s icons of melodic and progressive metal, returns on October 28 with its highly anticipated sixth album Rex Mundi.

Exclusive Premiere: AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE Collaborates with LOVELESS on New Single “Dopamine”

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF “DOPAMINE” FROM AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE AND LOVELESS ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “‘Dopamine’ perfectly captures the frustration, confusion, and self-reflection that you go through while in the throes of depression.”

Exclusive Premiere: CURSE MACKEY’s Surrealistic Video for New Single “Smoking Tongues”

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF NEW VIDEO FOR “SMOKING TONGUES” FROM CURSE MACKEY ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM “Smoking Tongues,” the second single from Mackey’s new LP, Immoral Emporium, is an industrial love song for the ages.

Exclusive Track by Track: Melodic Punk Rock Quartet NEW AGE AFFAIR’s Paradise White

New Age Affair deftly applies their broad array of influences to their work. Post-hardcore, punk, and rock notes are all discernible, with pertinent lyricism, hook adorned riffs, and a grounded accessibility all defining Paradise White.

Exclusive Premiere: SEETHING AKIRA’s New Synth Heavy Nu Metal Banger “Dioxide”

LISTEN TO THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF “DIOXIDE” FROM SEETHING AKIRA ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Carrying on the signature nu metal/metalcore trend, “Dioxide” keeps up the aggressive heavy rhythms that push the single along at a violent pace.