EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: MANGATA Shares Video Commentary for “Hi Lvl Talk”

Progressive pop band Mangata will release a new version of their previous EP, Hososhi, on June 19th. The band has created a series of video commentaries highlighting their creative process and the backstory of all of the Hososhi songs, leading up to the release of a brand new single, coming soon! Watch them discuss the song “Hi Lvl Talk,” today at Outburn.com!

The band comments, “One of our least played songs, but not because we don’t like it. This one’s emotional for us. Don’t let your habits control who you are or what you do. Hug the ones you love. A lot of our songs have very dark content but upbeat instrumentation, which is the theme we based our aesthetic on. Life’s aggressive. So is Gabe’s only guitar solo ever.”

Listen to the original track for “Hi Lvl Talk” here: https://mangata337.bandcamp.com/track/hi-lvl-talk

Mangata are a prog-pop band spreading the ‘Lollipop Gospel’ from the musical melting pot that is Southern Louisiana. Born out of the fusion of a variety of cultures and bringing together everything from jazz to post-rock by way of indie, Mangata have a distinct musical vision paired with an aesthetic of candy coated existential dread. Their glittery look plays out across the bands photos and stage shows, making for an experience like no other. This unique look and one-of-a-kind sound has won Mangata fans across the region.

Mangata is:
Hannah Gilley – Vocals
Gabe McCassey – Guitar
Ryan LaFleur – Guitar
Zack Guidry – Bass
Jason Daniels – Drums

Facebook: facebook.com/Mangatatheband/
Instagram: instagram.com/mangataband/
Twitter: twitter.com/mangataband