SEPTEMBER MOURNING 2.16.20 The Loft, Poughkeepsie, NY


The Loft
Poughkeepsie, NY


“September is a Reaper.”
“Like a GRIM REAPER?!”

From the fog filled darkness emerges a female figure dressed in white, angelic and surreal. There is something mystical about her, one can not avert their eyes. Is she even real? Is she of this Earth? As she begins to sing the most angelic yet tormented tones, it is quickly realized this is no ordinary rock show. This is September Mourning. They are not just a band but a complete saga of god vs. evil. The Ethereal vs. the Earthly. You see, “September” is a Human-Reaper hybrid. Don’t worry, they have albums, comic books, and graphic novels to get you caught up on that.

As September Mourning kicks into the first song of the night, she screams, “No more Hiding from Heaven!” The crowd erupts! As she once again addresses them later in the song, “Poughkeepsie how are you doing tonight? I’m September Mourning, and these are the Reapers that followed me into your realm tonight. Riven, Shadou, and Stitch!” Now that the scene is set, the story can begin as September Mourning prepares to take her first soul of the evening.

September Mourning is a transmedia project fronted by Emily Lazar. Her “Reapers,” Rich Juzwick “Riven,” the reaper who came for her soul, and Aaron Hoover “Shadou,” both play guitar. “Stitch’“ the black figure behind the drum kit is Kyle Mayer.

Continuing the onslaught, September once again addresses the crowd, “If you know the words to this…” as the crowd screams, “My skin and bones, my skin and bones!” As the stage is illuminated in ever-changing colors and filled with fog, September leans into a fan’s phone who is taking video. With unworldly quickness, she leans in and snatches the phone and continues to sing into it. Leaving this fan with an incredible keepsake.

As September Mourning and her Reapers exit the stage after each song, the narrative is continued in the form of an animated video projection as each song ties into the next.

Next up is their 2018 single “Empire,” a powerful vocal-driven tune. The red lights and fog add to the intensity of the song. “Are you alive out there Poughkeepsie? Make some fuckin’ noise!” Being a Sunday night, the crowd was not enormous, but they made up for it in enthusiasm.

Followed by “Unholy” and “Eye of the Storm,” which consisted of band member introductions and a drum solo—Stitch giving an animated and energetic performance on the drums. As drummers are, he was tucked in the back, in the dark, and surrounded by fog. Given his reaper status, this worked quite well as one could imagine him traveling through the realms of the living and the dead as the strobe lights flashed around him.

The band re-emerges as the drum solo ends, once again September engages the crowd. Explaining she lived in New York and knows how loud they can be, leading the charge into the next song, “Children of Fate.” As the narrative continues and they prepare for “Glass Animals,” September encourages the crowd to take out their cell phones and shine their flashlights, and, of course, the crown obeys.

This time not leaving the stage between songs, they power through “Madness” right into “20 Below,” both very energetic performances. September was leaning right into the crowd and her hair was flying everywhere—it was quite a spectacle to witness.

Closing out the night with “Overdose” off their 2019 EP, Volume III, this song has such beautiful parts, both vocally and musically. They build to the very edge of insanity, the crowd singing along as the show comes to a close. Everyone seemed to have had a great time, and they all left with their souls intact.

“We are humbled and proud of the incredible reaction from the fans to our latest single, “Overdose.” The song reaches outside of our comfort zone as writers. And for our audience and those new to the September Mourning universe to give it so much love is really an amazing feeling! This tour has had incredible energy every night so far, and we love playing “Overdose” live. It’s proved to be a crowd favorite so far.

“We always say this, but we are so appreciative of all our fans and friends that come out to our shows. We’re seeing even more new fans on this tour as our story continues to grow. We cannot do this without each and every one of you. Thank you for the continued support and helping to bring our world to life!” ~ Emily Lazar

Set List:
Hiding From Heaven
Skin and Bones
Eye of the Storm
Children of Fate
Glass Animals
20 Below