Exclusive Track by Track: HEEDLESS ELEGANCE’s New Album The Dream Within

Hungarian heavy crew Heedless Elegance dazzle with a jarring and atmospheric third album, that explores the spectrum of modern heavy, from cinematic metal to nu metalcore. On The Dream Within, rage and euphoria spar at ease as the band explored the human understanding of the cycle of life, with trepidation, anger and amazement.

1. The Threads
“The Threads” is the opening title of the new album. Like in “Libra” the first song happens in a different world of existence where our main character soul has a conversation with the “Maker” the “Puppet Master.“ In this argument the main character feels like he is too old, he doesn’t want to come back to the world for a new life, he would like to “quit from what’s after the end” as the lyrics say, but the “Maker” continuously reminds him that it is not his decision. He has to come back until he “ennoble himself” till he will be perfect. The Threads is a very aggressive song, like a rollercoaster it goes through different emotions, cathartic refrains. As this song is a conversation, Tom Barber from Chelsea Grin took the job and joined us to feature in this track, and what he did is brutally awesome.

2. The Cure
Through doubts and hopes, the main character finally begins his journey in his new world. As musically as lyrically “The Cure” follows the emotions through the stages of Birth, both in physical and theoretical meaning, giving the song a cathartic ending! The concept of this song is to represent the thoughts and feelings of a new born baby, who will start his journey from birth to death and he is absolutely clear of where he is coming from, where he is going, and what will happen to him. He also knows that when he completes his arriving to the world, he will forget everything of what he knows and he has to finish the tusk of his new journey from ground zero. “The Cure” expends our group overall approach to music, giving the audience something new from us they never heard before.

3. The Way of Every Loss
“The Way of Every Loss” is the real beginning of the storyline of the new album. The whole concept of the “Life” what the main character has, is the journey of accepting the cycle of life and accept the connections between two persons. So basically we can say that this whole album is a “Love Story.“ This song represents the inner need to be with someone, but he has so much fear, so much insecurity that he can’t let his doubts go. But he gives the chance to the other one, if he accepts him, he may think differently. 

With this song we wanted to do something what’s new for us as well, so we tried several musical patterns which we never did before. Also it was the first time to work with an international artist to cooperate in our song, and luckily the amazing Misstiq from Australia was up for the work and did fantastic.

Samuel adds: When I first started to write and record the vocals of the refrain, that day my father got into the hospital, and for one week I couldn’t work on the song because I wasn’t in the condition to work at all, but when I decided to finally finish it, while I recorded it, I got the news that he passed away, so for me there would always be a strange connection to this song, and the lyrics means something different for me from then, and it makes this song something different.

4. The Dream Within
This track got the same name as the whole album, “The Dream Within” because this is the core of the overall concept of the album. As I said before, the whole LP is a “Love Story,“ and in this song the love gets fulfilled. This track is about realizing that you have to make a decision. You can start to live, and accept the things, or you can be sorry for yourself and let everything go. The main character realizes what the other means to him, and how unimportant everything beside the fact that they “Become the harmony.“

5. The Walk of Shame
“The Walk of Same” is an instrumental intro for the song “The Truth of Us.“ This song, the feeling of it represents the “silence before the storm,“ when you did something bad, or overall the things are getting bad, out of the hand and you see that you will have a big fight, but you are not there yet. The name comes from the fact that after a party where you got wasted, or you did something bad, you take the walk to home in the morning.

6. The Truth of Us
This song is an actual fight between two persons. You can see it as a couple having an argument, and you can see it as the character having a conflict between the two sides of him. The main character is getting tired and don’t know how his journey will end. The whole concept of the song is to be divers as an argument could be. Luckily the amazing Tyler Tate of Hollow Front helped us out with his outstanding voice to level up the quality and meaning of the track.

7. The Night of Suicide
“The Night of suicide” is one of the prophecies about the end of the main character, which was mentioned in the decision making point in the song called “The Dream Within.“ This song is very-very dark, full with uncomfortable thoughts. It is actually about suicide, where the character has no other option but to end his life, because he knows he missed his chance for a happy life, and thinks it cannot be the same again. The track wants to represent the full madness in the main character mind, as he can’t bear the absence of the love of his life.

8. The Heart of Everything
The other prophecy for the end, and the overall conclusion of the whole album is the song called “The Heart of Everything.“ In this song the main character finds the “transcendental love,“ a higher meaning for everything what happens with him. He understands the bad and good things in his lifetime and he finally accept the cycle of life, accept the way of every loss. He is ready to leave because he understands that he will never be gone., never be alone.