Exclusive Premiere of LOYALTY TO ME’s New EP Clash // Coexist


New Jersey five-piece Loyalty To Me march towards the release of their debut EP on May 15th, with an arsenal of hook-laden, relatable and infectious alternative rock tunes. Dancing between 00’s emo and present day pop-fueled emo, Loyalty To Me offers an enticing prospect for fans across the alternative rock genre.

The Jersey rockers have broken onto the scene in the past 18 months, delivering an intricate, smart and punchy collection of singles, nodding to an array of influences from across alternative rock, indie and emo. The sharp and astute lyricism showing elements of Cartel, with hooky emo pop vibes giving off an air of Andrew McMahon.

“We’re very excited to present our debut EP! We believe we’ve put our best foot forward and we can’t wait for you to hear the results. Clash // Coexist is an escapist love story. It’s knowing your relationship was doomed from the start, but wishing to live forever in its final moments. It’s watching your world fall apart and learning to be comfortable in the aftermath. The songs we’ve written are both personal and relatable, as they document the experience most of us have as we grow and mature. Personally, when I listen back to these songs I’m reminded of all the pop punk and emo bands I grew up with. It feels nostalgic, but fresh and exciting as well. Take your time with it! There are a lot of themes and connective tissue to unpack. I’m happy to have made a complete statement that flows like a full-length album. I’m even happier to have made it with the best and most talented people. Special shout out to our producer Brett Romnes, our mastering engineer Mike Kalajian, and Hayden Myrick, who did the amazing album art. We hope this record is as cathartic for you as it is for us” – Will Patrick Jackson (Lead Vocals)

Clash // Coexist Track Listing:
1. Paint You Blue
2. The Rest
3. Magenta
4. Layover In London
5. Rewrites