Morgan Lander of Kittie Joins Forces with WE ARE PIGS for Brutal Track “MOOT”

The hybrid nu metal/trap project, We Are PIGS, is the creation of South African born producer/songwriter/artist esjay jones, and has enlisted Lander for a powerhouse female-led collaboration spewing with the rage and frustration of uncertain times.

With “MOOT,” Jones and Lander are an unyielding duo that bring the venom to this new track spewing with all the rage and frustration of the past year, and taking aim at the environment that comes with being women in the music industry.

“I feel like women supporting women in the music industry is something that we always need more of, and the fact that Esjay is a musician/writer/engineer and producer puts her in a class all by herself,” says Jones. “’MOOT’ is unapologetic and angry, the voice of unbridled rage questioning everything in a very uncertain time. Lending my voice to be heard on this song is something I’m very proud of and hope that listeners enjoy it and fear it a bit, as much as I do.”