VARIALS Shares “Circles” Video

Philadelphia quintet VARIALS — Mitchell Rogers [vocals], Mike Foley [bass], James Hohenwarter [guitar], Shane Lyons [guitar], and Sean Rauchut [drums] — recently announced their new album Scars For You to Remember. The metallic juggernaut is their third long player and it will arrive on October 14 via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here.

Today, the Philly crew has shared the video for “Circles.”

While Varials go hard — really hard — on their new album Scars for You to Remember, they show off their contemplative and dynamic side with “Circles.” The song starts out with an almost melancholic verse before erupting into a larger-than-life chorus with a pulsating riff and percussion. It’s a master class in quiet-loud atmosphere, and shifts to utter ferocity in the middle of the song. The song vacillates between many moods from start to finish and that’s what makes it wholly satisfying.

“‘Circles’ is a new but familiar style for the band,” says Varials. “We’ve touched on sounds like this before, but this is the melodic climax of the record and our career this far. We hope to take this sound further into the future.”