SEPTEMBER MOURNING Unleash “Madness” with New Video and Tour Dates

September Mourning are crawling out from their self-imposed isolation to bring “Madness“ to the world. The quartet of vagabond soul reapers are unleashing the newest anime-action video from their latest EP Volume III.

Band founder, vocalist and namesake September (aka Emily Lazar) had this to offer of the latest video: “‘Madness’ is a song about being in a place of insurmountable illogical thought towards a situation that basically holds your heart hostage. We have all been in the position of dealing with a relationship with something or someone that has driven us mad… But what we sometimes don’t like to admit is that the process of driving us mad makes us feel alive. We sometimes choose that over the logical choice of ending such a relationship. In this song the narrator is convincing him or herself or that of a partner to once again make that illogical choice – to feel alive. There is a sense of masochism to the song, and one can say that love in itself can be just that: that time and time again we cower to the masochistic instinct and bleed our hearts dry for situations that leave us feeling crazy or driving us into madness.”

She continues: “The video follows our characters in the fourth book of September Mourning: The Complete Collection. It is a homage to the brilliant artwork of Top Cow/ Image comics artist, SumeyyeKesgin. In the graphic novel the quest to defeat Fate at any cost holds September’s heart hostage – she is willing to sacrifice herself for it. Her blind ambition prevents her from seeing some of the logical missteps in her plan, as she plunges headfirst towards her battle with Fate.”

Upcoming Tour dates
Saturday, June 6th – Machine Shop – Flint, MI
Sunday, June 7th – Metal In The Mountains – Pipestem, WV
Friday – Sunday, July 3rd – 5th – Anime Midwest – Chicago, IL
Saturday, July 11th – Inkcarceration – Mansfield, OH
Thursday, July 16th – Rock USA – Oshkosh, WI
Saturday, 31st – Arctic Comicon – Anchorage, AK