Alternative Rock & Metalcore Songstress MARLENE MENDOZA Debuts New Single “Karma”

New York City alternative rock/post-hardcore act Marlene Mendoza brings attitude and atmosphere with new single “Karma,” an anthemic and captivating rock rager from Mendoza as she prepares for a run of singles over the coming months.

Mendoza’s impressive background includes a Bachelors of Science Degree in Music, graduating magna cum laude from Lehman College, with the technical and theoretical expertise manifesting itself across her first three singles.

Mendoza, the former guitarist of New York post-hardcore band Varsity, presents a resilient and defiant message with her music, taking particular pride in championing underrepresented Latina women in heavy music.

Taking the step from touring guitarist to solo act, 2017 lead single “A Battle Between Two Lesser Evils” emerged as a fiery and exciting debut. The best of metalcore emanates from Mendoza; ferocious breakdowns, glorious soaring hooks and Mendoza’s uniquely captivating and atmospheric delivery. 2018’s stoic “Not Afraid” would follow, with new single “Karma” Mendoza’s most anthemic and accessible offering to date.