DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY Delivers NSFW Video “Addicted To Your Heart”

Ahead of their anticipated sophomore album Doves In Glass Houses (out tomorrow), DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY has delivered their second video from the record, the visually arousing and haunting “Addicted To Your Heart.” Viewer discretion is advised.

“This song was extremely hard for me to write,” admits DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY architect and vocalist Michael Orlando. “When I sat down to write this song I had to decide how to approach the toxic relationships of my past. The amount of anxiety and pain I endured during a particular time has stuck with me like crazy glue. No matter how great my day is going, I can always count on memories of this past relationship to supply the anger and sadness needed to write a song. It just poured out of me and the outcome is explaining how I am ‘Addicted To Your Heart.’”