KALLIAS to Release The Fourth Phase EP

On October 30, the band will release The Fourth Phase EP, which is their recorded debut. Listen to the title track here.

“Kallias are proud to announce the release of our first EP entitled The Fourth Phase,” the band says. “It is our pleasure to finally showcase these tracks to you all, which we worked tirelessly to compose and record over the last year. Our goal was to bring an aggressive sound mixed in with progressive elements and we feel we have achieved that with this release.”

In a world where finding true connection with others and meaning within your art has become a rarity, it was no coincidence when four passionate musicians quickly connected by mutual friends and soon composed what they collectively admitted to be their best and most soulful music. Taken back by the beauty of this feeling, KALLIAS, meaning “beauty” in Greek, was born.

The idea wasn’t to start another technical, progressive, or heavy metal band. It became a vision to create a heavy cerebral experience, in listening and visualizing.

Kallias is comprised of players who are masters of their craft. Nicole Papastavrou and Zaki Ali’s 8-string guitar work nods to Jeff Loomis, Mikael Akerfeldt, and Frederick Thordendall — with twisting riff progressions, charming cleans, tastefully intricate leads — all heavy with emotion. JP Andrade’s undeniably precise percussion serves the music on every level, from jazz-influenced melodic sections to satisfyingly odd rhythms for the eager prog-loving ear. Beautifully woven bass lines by Chris Marrone provide an indomitable structure and embrace for each instrument — never overpowering, yet always highlighting.

For modern day prog and metal fans, Kallias can be compared to bands such as Opeth, Meshuggah, and Decapitated. The quartet holds a musical chemistry that is few and far between and that will keep you in the foreground from the beginning with bone-chilling introductions. This is by no means background music. Kallias creates their own genre for a panoramic audio experience that demands the listener’s undivided attention to focus and feel.