GREG PUCIATO Releases Fuck Content Album

Greg Puciato, who recently debuted the performance meets recording film “Fuck Content,” has made both the video and its audio companion available (audio via Bandcamp:; video: with wider distribution (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.) on Dec. 25.

The 16 track release features five new songs not available on Puciato’s critically acclaimed sophomore debut, Child Soldier: Creator of God, as well as live versions of 10 of the album tracks. Vinyl pre-orders are also available ( including a black and red marble 2LP vinyl (250 copies) of Child Soldier: Creator of God, and the Fuck Content live album available on red vinyl with black blob as well as clear vinyl with red blob (both available in editions of 500). Other collectibles include a Blu-ray version of the film, and various Jesse Draxler-designed merch items.

Fuck Content tracklist:

  1. You, Staring at Me, Staring at You *
  2. Heaven of Stone (live)
  3. Creator of God (live)
  4. Fire For Water (live)
  5. Deep Set (live)
  6. Fireflies (live)
  7. Do You Need Me To Remind You (live)
  8. Absence Excerpt (live)
  9. Roach Hiss (live)
  10. Down When I’m Not (live)
  11. Evacuation (live)
  12. September City (live)
  13. Absence As A Presence *
  14. Don’t Wanna Deal *
  15. Crazy All Around *
  16. Lying At The Bottom of the Sky *
    * = Previously unreleased songs