Goth Metallers BULLET TO THE HEART Release New Video “Falling Away”

Goth metallers Bullet To The Heart have just released a brand new video, “Falling Away.” Combining ethereal vocals with haunting, crushing hooks, “Falling Away” will instantly catch the ears of fans of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Disturbed, and more. The corresponding video captures the supernatural vibe and internal struggle documented in the song.

The video for “Falling Away” is directed by Ritual Noise; the song is produced by Akash Hans and Jake LoGiudice. It was recorded by Brian Benischek and mixed and mastered by Jake LoGiudice. The single can be purchased here.

Of the song and video, Bullet To The Heart lead singer Audrey Queen commented, “‘Falling Away’ tells the story of struggling with your inner demons. Going back and forth, being pushed to the edge and pushing yourself away from it, to then finally succumb and fall into yourself. But the war is never over and only starts from where it ended. The video shows a breaking away from one’s self. Being so lost that you lose track of who you really are. Through soul searching there’s a moment where you grasp onto the last bit of hope and claim who you really are.”