WRONG: Feel Great

Feel Great



HARDCORE: Whether by coincidence or design, Wrong’s sound closely emulates that of Helmet’s early 90s output with some of Unsane’s caustic edges thrown in for good measure, and had they emerged in the same era they undoubtedly would have found themselves snapped up by Amphetamine Reptile Records. One thing is certain though, with Feel Great,they killit. There is perhaps too little diversity between tracks for some, but anyone hooked in by opener “Errordrome” will likely find themselves as gripped as the next 10 unfold. That their rhythm section is tighter than tight but maintains a natural feel is a huge asset to them, every underpinning beat and bass line driving home hard, and they are as effective on the blistering “Pustule” and the breakneck D-beat of “Crawl Instead,” as the almost laid-back strains of “Nice Job.” “Gape” is actually a downright catchy head bobber in a shoegaze vein, its discordant leads—in keeping with every one unleashed across the record—having so much life and personality to them. And with the molasses slow title track, said guitars are primed to scrape off a couple of layers of skin should you get too close. Only closer “Anaerobic” breaks the four minute mark, and it’s a seriously agitated, edgy affair, which makes for the perfect end to proceedings. ~ Dan Slessor