VADER: Solitude in Madness

Solitude in Madness



PICK A CARD, ANY CARD: Vader is one of those remarkably consistent bands, a Polish death metal machine that has released scads of albums since its formation way back in 1983, with nary a dud in the bunch.

At the same time, however, being a Vader fan is sort of like enjoying a band like AC/DC, in that you pick a couple of albums that are your favorites and wander interchangeably through the rest. Their catalog is Slaytanic in execution—ripping death metal with thrash leanings and no frills. There’s little room for subtlety or texture within Vader’s songwriting, and that’s okay, because Solitude in Madness still rips in gloriously kick-ass fashion.

The album is short, intentionally so, and delivers all of what Vader fans expect by this point—riffs, blasts, and songs that are catchy but classic. In other words, Solitude in Madness doesn’t reinvent the death/thrash wheel, not even within Vader’s own large back catalog, but charges full speed ahead with results that satisfy. The effect is sort of like eating a well prepared meal from one of your favorite restaurants, something that you’ve enjoyed hundreds of times before, yet it gives you that sense of comfort that you crave.

So, Solitude in Madness isn’t fine dining…who cares? Bandleader Piotr Wiwczarek and crew are in no shortage of ideas, and this album never outstays its welcome. Huge points need to be given out to the absolute ripper that is “Emptiness,” easily one of the most memorable Vader tracks the band has written in years. The main riff is catchy as hell and an album highlight, for sure. Overall, Solitude in Madness kicks a lot of ass and is recommended for Vader diehards, as well as newbies looking for a good place to start. All the ingredients are here, so take a taste. ~ George Pacheco