HARDCORE: Stick To Your Guns has never been apologetic about sharing their views on the current social or political climate and within that realm coming to terms with who they are as people. True View (2017) displayed this magnificently, observing one’s inner self, taking responsibility for your actions, and growing from them. Spectre takes a different approach to one’s actions and is a personal meditation about the American dream. Through music, Stick To Your Guns believes it is their purpose to build something new in its place, and they wholeheartedly lay it all on the line with Spectre.

The album kicks down the entry doors to the album with “Weapon.” A listening experience that perfectly exemplifies the record’s message, with punch heavy lyricism and mammoth-like instrumental energy, it’s the perfect gateway track that brings us into the rest of the album. 

Another favorite that proudly stands out with unrelenting energy is “Who Dares.” Infused with melodic guitar riffs that effortlessly flow back and forth with rapacious percussive fervor and anthemic vocal delivery, it’s a moment on this album not to be missed.

Percussive leviathan “A World to Win” comes plowing through with extravagant force. With an empowering experience and an even heavier act to follow, Stick To Your Guns spares no energy nor pulls any punches to display a gut-wrenchingly honest message.

“Open My Head” feels very beautifully grungy and nostalgic. To those that appreciate the two gritty aesthetics mixed, this will be a welcomed change from the rest of the musical energies we have gotten at this point. 

“Father” is atmospherically magical and has the star power to be emotionally resonant to stay with you after the album is complete. The build-up that one feels when listening to this is intense, but this will not be the only moment that Stick To Your Guns opens up on this level.

Spectre stunningly concludes with a stripped-down track “No Way to Live.” A very personal song that painfully and honestly exposes the inner struggles of dealing with uncertainty, freedom, and the illusion of choice, Spectre comes to a satisfying close. 

Stick To Your Guns has not only shown mature progression with Spectre, but they have also boldly voiced the concerns that change is inevitable in America. While music can help be the force that drives us all to change, it has to come from someplace else—someplace much deeper than that, a place where all musicians derive all music—the heart. We don’t have all the answers for making the world a better place, but Stick To Your Guns is starting in the right direction with Spectre. ~ Sammie Star