SEVEN SPIRES: Emerald Seas

Emerald Seas



SYMPHONIC/BLACK/POWER METAL: Seven Spires—led by frontwoman Adrienne Cowan—formed the band while attending the well revered Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition to Cowan, fellow Berklee graduates guitarist Jack Kosto, bassist Peter de Reyna, and drummer Chris Dovas, create a stunning mixture of atmospheric black metal and symphonic power metal with melodic rock sensibilities.

On its sophomore release, Emerald Seas, the quartet crafts various tracks spanning several different genres decorated with melancholic, theatrical atmospheres and dramatic orchestrations. Throw in a few melodic pop and rock flavors and you have one diverse album to absorb. From the Italian influenced instrumental opener “Igne Defendit” to the Arabian influenced, sitar-laden melodies of “Ghost of a Dream” to the menacing vibe of “Fearless,” Seven Spires keeps the listener engaged throughout its 13 tracks. The more commercial, pop, and gothic numbers such as “No Words Exchanged” and “Succumb” keep the musical dynamic interesting as well. First single and album highlight, “Drowner of Worlds,” brings some black metal/Cradle of Filth-isms to the forefront by creating a cinematic atmosphere decorated with its Omen-esque choir vocals and swirling keyboard orchestrations.

The shining gem of Seven Spires is undoubtedly Cowan’s diverse and spectacular vocal range, while the technical precision from the rest of the band is equally impressive. There’s plenty to like about Seven Spires’ newest output Emerald Seas. ~ Kelley Simms